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March is quickly coming to a close. Nearly 350 students across the United States have already participated in this year's United Way Alternative Spring Break. Students have devoted over 15,000 hours of community service to address education, income and health issues in local communities. They volunteered as readers and mentors. They built houses for low-income communities and rebuilt houses that were destroyed by Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. They advocated and volunteered for important hunger and food security issues. Beyond that, they made lifelong connections with United Way and with each other.

Many have been kind enough to share their experiences with us through social media. Check out the top 15 tweets from the world of #UnitedWayASB! Retweet and Favorite their posts to shout-out these change makers!

1. On day one of some United Way Alternative Spring Breaks the group is split into teams. Each team works on a specific project for the week and some of the strongest bonds are made with fellow team members.

2. Over seven years after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, there is still so much work to be done. Students in Biloxi, MS work from sun up to sundown each day, but we always find some time for fun!
3. Arizona Cardinals Defensive End and Team NFL member Calais Campbell joined us in Miami, FL for Deloitte's Maximum Impact Alternative Spring Break. The week featured powerful education projects and lots of interaction with adorable children.
4. Students at our Baltimore, MD ASB spent the afternoon on Capitol Hill speaking with Representative Jim McGovern, an advocate for sensible food and hunger policies. The project was supported by Participant Media.
5. This picture is pretty funny but I really loved this tweet because it highlights the support from the participant's university. A lot of our volunteers are part of teams sponsored by their college or university. We want to shout out those civic-minded institutions whenever we can.
6. One of my favorite United Way ASB quotes. News reports, parents, and even United Way staff are always shocked to hear that so many students are willing to "give up" their spring break. I can assure you, none of our participants feel like they gave up anything!
7. Huge shout out to Student United Ways that take part in ASB. It's an awesome bonding experience and a great way to develop important leadership skills that you can use on campus all year long. Many Student United Ways were actually started because a student participated in ASB and wanted to keep their relationship with United Way going all year long.
8. It's hard to explain to an outsider, but students and team leaders go from being total strangers to family in a matter of days. Even the alumni from our 2006 Storm Corps have remained friends and keep in touch to this day.
9. There was a ton of great news coverage this year. Local papers, national media and MTV have really helped spread the word about the great work our students are doing across the US.
10. People shared almost every aspect of their ASB experience. Even the days leading up to their trip!
11. Such a beautiful quote from our United Way in Biloxi, MS. Certainly speaks to the drive that brings students to ASB in the first place.
12. United Way staff that participate in Alternative Spring Break often get just as much out of it as the students. United Way of El Paso staff were feeling the love!
13. I was lucky enough to be standing only a few feet away from a student at our last town hall for the week when she said this to our 50 volunteers, 10 team leaders and a bunch of United Way and MTV staff. It's powerful to read as a tweet - it floored me to hear it in real life.
15. What it's truly all about!

These are just 15 of over 450 #UnitedWayASB tweets (and counting) that have occurred over the last few weeks. You can see more Tweets on our Twubs page or by searching for #UnitedWayASB on Twitter. If you find your favorite tweet, link to it in the comments section below!