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This Valentine’s Day, Support our Children and Youth

This Valentine’s Day, Support our Children and Youth

Valentine’s Day is coming. Whether single or attached, you could make someone feel special. As Congress makes critical decisions about spending cuts, our nation’s vulnerable children and families need your love and support.

Unless Congress acts before March 1, an across-the-board spending cut – known as sequestration – to many programs supporting children and their families will go into effect.  That’s why United Way, in partnership with First Focus, is asking children, parents and community members to send a strong message to Washington about the importance of maintaining vital social services for children and families.

We invite supporters and advocates to tell Congress don’t break the hearts of children and families and cut programs that support vulnerable communities. Join the “Show Kids the Love” campaign and send a Valentine’s e-card to your member of Congress today.

Take Action: 

1. Send a Valentine’s Day e-card to Congress. Use our simple e-card tool to tell congressional representatives to prioritize our nation’s children. 

2. Mail Your Representative a Valentine’s Day Card. Send a card and encourage children, friends or colleagues to send a card to Congress asking them to support an education, income or health program in the budget. Take a picture of your valentine and post it on the Facebook pages of United Way and First Focus

3. Share the love using social media. Post a message on Facebook. Send a v-day tweet. Use hashtag #kidswin.