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The 12 Days of …….Caring!

The 12 Days of …….Caring!

Looking for ways to give back to your community this holiday season but don't know how? Having trouble finding the perfect holiday volunteer opportunity? This list of 12 Days of Caring was adapted from a list created by the Student Community Involvement Team at United Way of Larimer County Student Community Involvement Team at United Way of Larimer County as a way to encourage people to make giving back a part of their daily routine.  

These are simple service projects that can be done throughout the holiday season, in any order you wish, to spread the joy of giving and volunteering!

Day 1

Toy Drive - Take part in a toy drive and contribute to local agencies serving children.

Day 2

Share the Warmth - Donate a coat or other winter clothing that you no longer use to the Salvation Army or another local agency and help keep someone warm this holiday season.

Day 3

Brighten Someone’s Day - Sometimes, all it takes is a kind word or gesture to improve someone's day!

Day 4

Make a Sweet Treat - There are so many local organizations that put a lot of time and effort into making a better holiday season for others. Show them your gratitude with some baked goods for the staff.

Day 5

Write a Holiday Card - Write a greeting card to your family, a friend, or a vetera to wish them a happy holiday season! Consider those who may not be receiving many cards this year or who have no local family members. 

Day 6

Dinner with a Family - Find a family to enjoy a meal with. Share the joy of a home cooked dinner with someone you don’t often get to spend time with.

Day 7

Care for the Planet and Environment - Carpool with somebody on your way to work or school and make sure you’re picking up after yourself!

Day 8

Go Grocery Shopping - When you’re in the grocery store, buy an extra can or two and donate it. Share a meal with someone less fortunate this holiday season!

Day 9

Go Online - Visit your local United Way website to learn more about local needs and programs you can support by Giving, Advocating, and/or Volunteering.

Day 10

Wish List - Find a wish tree or a wish list at local nonprofit and buy a gift for someone less fortunate.

Day 11

Share a Holiday Story / Special Memory - Find a loved one or a younger child and read a holiday story or share a special holiday memory from your childhood.  

Day 12

Lend a Hand - Do something without being asked. For example, help someone by carrying their groceries or hold the door open for a stranger.