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Recovery in the Philippines

Recovery in the Philippines

In aftermath of the recent typhoons, there is something you can do to rebuild lives and communities in the Philippines.  Your contribution to the United Way Worldwide Disaster Rebuilding Fund will help United Way and our partners in the Philippines improve education, income and health long after the camera crews have departed.


We have also heard from several corporate partners interested in providing financial support. If you are approached by a company interested in making a contribution greater than USD 2,500.00, they may do so by contacting United Way's International Donor Advised Giving team at 703-836-7112 x128 or via email at IDAG@unitedway.org.

If you have any additional questions, please email Paul Metcalfe, Director, Investor Relations, South East Asia and Pacific , or Alex Rodriguez, Manager of International Communications.

USD-denominated checks can be mailed to:
United Way Worldwide
Attn: Finance Operations
PO Box 418607
Boston, MA 02241-8607
Instructions: Please inform UWW of the incoming funds and specify the purpose of the payment.