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Speak Out for Kids in the Federal Budget

Speak Out for Kids in the Federal Budget

National children’s advocate Marian Wright Edelman once said, “We don’t have a money problem in America. We have a values and priorities problem.”

With only 8 percent of our federal budget going towards programs for children, we have a long way to go in investing our nation’s future and putting our children first.

In the coming weeks, Congress must make several critical budgetary decisions. One is that they must pass a budget before the current stop-gap measure expires on March 27. If that does not happen, our country faces a government shutdown that would likely have devastating effects on children and families in need.

This is an important time for caring citizens to urge Congress to take a common sense and bipartisan approach and pass a budget that supports our nation’s vulnerable children and their families. Fortunately, the Senate Budget Committee recently released MyBudget, a new online tool to engage members of the public in the federal budget.

Join us in speaking out about prioritizing children and youth in the budget. What education, income and health programs do you think should be included? Write in your stories and priorities in MyBudget. Let us know what you think and spread the word online. Use hashtags #liveunited and #mybudget.

Sample Tweets

  • What education, income & health programs should be included in the federal budget? Tell Congress what you think: http://1.usa.gov/TjZi #liveunited #mybudget
  • Congress wants to know what YOU think should be in the fed budget. Speak out: http://1.usa.gov/TjZi #liveunited #mybudget
  • Children are only 8%of the Fed budget but 100% of our future. Tell Congress to support investments in kids: http://1.usa.gov/TjZi #liveunited #mybudget

Sample Facebook Message

  • Now is your chance to tell Congress what they should prioritize in our nation’s federal budget. The U.S. Senate Budget Committee has launched an online tool to gather your stories, budget priorities and ideas. Speak out and let Congress know what education, income and health programs you care about: http://1.usa.gov/TjZi.