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Share The Experience with Children Needing Extra Help

The most visited family event in Hungary is the Children’s Island attracting nearly 30 000 visitors during the 4 weekends of every June, offering hundreds of high quality family entertaining activities for free. It was the first time United Way Hungary joined the event for four days and organized branded entertaining activities as well as with the help of corporate volunteers on each day we hosted a group of children needing extra help and having almost no chance to participate in popular outdoor events.

Together with our corporate partners including Generali, Celanese, KCI and DunaPro we created opportunities for inclusive play and helped a group of each hearing impared/physically challenged / children living in orphanages and children with Down-syndrome play together with other kids and let them share the experience. We launched The Tree of Dreams, the new symbol of our commitment to help children and youth realize their dreams, on which children can place their handprints with their dream "What will I be when i grow up?” written in it.