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Relief for the Victims of the Tamil Nadu Floods

10 Million People Impacted

In November and December 2015, record breaking rainfall from the annual northeast monsoon season led to one of the worst flooding in the history of Tamil Nadu and the nearby coastal areas, with Chennai city, Kanchipuram, Cuddalore and Thiruvalu being the worst affected districts.

Chennai and its suburbs were flooded by what has been referred to as the heaviest rains in over 100 years. With houses and roads submerged, flights and trains disrupted, power supply suspended in nearly 60% of Chennai’s locations, the state seemed to be cut off from the rest of the country as people awaited rescue.

What it means to live united.

Being the closest to the disaster locations, United Way Chennai and United Way Bengaluru played a pivotal role in collecting and distributing immediate relief materials (tarpaulins, blankets, mats and bedsheets, water bottles, food, sanitary pads, and hygiene kits) to distressed communities in Cuddalore, Pondicherry and Thiruvallur.

United Way Chennai also helped organized cleaning drives as part the “Clean Chennai initiative” and United Way Bengaluru set up a two weeks relief base camp at Thiruvallur to benefit 1500 people across 4 villages and ensure that relief services reached the remotest of areas. In addition, United Way Hyderabad and United Way Mumbai reached out to donors to support people in Tamil Nadu.

As waters have receded and rescue operations came to an end, the challenge now will be helping the thousands of people currently housed in relief camps rebuild their lives. 

You can help.

Consider making a donation to help the United Way of Mumbai rebuild Chennai in the way of the Tamil Nadu Floods.