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Opportunities to all program

UW France’s ‘Opportunities For All’ provides students with internships which provide insight into the world of work and will help them to find work.

The area near the Roissy airport is a major labour pool of France, however the youth unemployment rate nears 40% in certain neighborhoods. Furthermore, ninth grade* students often have difficulty in finding internships, which is a crucial first step in the business world.  

Faced  with this stark reality, the United Way France programme ‘Opportunities For All’, aims to connect these students from vulnerable areas with enterprises so that they can acquire a high-quality internship which will ultimately help them with their future social and professional integration.

This collaborative programme unites four middle schools, local institutions (departmental council, town halls), six non-profit organisations and more than 15 companies: Accor, Adecco, the Endowment Fund ADIFE, Aéroports de Paris (ADP), Carrefour, Saint-Gobain, Egetra, Elior, the Eiffage Foundation, the Safran Foundation, the Société Générale Foundation, Geodis, Hertz, Hub One, Mansartis, Proxiserve and Volkswagen.

The students will be trained by partner NGOs and hosted by the companies from the 8th until the 19th of February. The programme will conclude on Saturday the 19th of March with the ‘Orient Action Day’ where 40 professionals from an array of careers will be able to share their expertise and experiences with the students.   

Previous participants of the program have said:

I wanted to be a midwife but after discovering the job of quality manager, I have found another job that interests me.’ Chahinez, a middle-school student

It was very interesting to see the evolution between the beginning and the end of the internship for the middle-schoolers. They grew more assured and serene within the company.’ Audrey, a mentor


*Ninth grade students in France must do an internship as part of the school curriculum.