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United Way Blog

Partner Spotlight: NFL

The 40-plus year partnership between the National Football League (NFL) and United Way is the longest running collaboration in history between a major sports league and a nonprofit organization. Our latest collaboration – Character PlaybookTM – uses evidence-based strategies to educate students on how to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships during their critical middle school years. Together, we have a goal to provide character education for 1.2 million students by 2020. That’s one out of every four middle school students.

The course is comprised of six interactive, digital modules that cover key concepts around positive character development, social-emotional learning and building healthy relationships. Designed for learners in grades 7-9, the digital learning experience enables students to engage with true-to-life scenarios that include bystander intervention strategies and positive relationship examples.

In 2015, the following 15 United Ways representing 14 NFL teams led the charge to bring Character Playbook to a minimum of 20 middle schools in their markets.