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Need Free Tax Filing Help? Check Out Your Local Cricket Wireless Authorized Retail Store

Tax Day is less than two months away, and while some of you may already be receiving your refunds, others are unsure where to even start.

For first time filers, getting help from someone who understands the process could make the experience less nerve wracking. That was the case with Atlanta resident Tammy whose husband had always done her taxes. This year, she was facing that task on her own and knew professional tax preparers could charge upwards of $400, which would hit her wallet hard.

Then, she heard her favorite radio personality was at her local Cricket Wireless store, encouraging people to come in and file their taxes for free with MyFreeTaxes.com. Intrigued, Tammy went to the store to find out more. Not only did she meet the radio personality, but even more importantly, she walked away feeling accomplished after completing her taxes with help she received from United Way.

Cricket Wireless and United Way are partnering to help people like Tammy across the country complete their taxes without paying a dime. Cricket Wireless is hosting MyFreeTaxes in select stores on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 5pm, now through March 4.

How does MyFreeTaxes work? Simply upload a photo of your W-2 and software will automatically fill in your information. Most filers complete their taxes in under an hour. The filing software guarantees that all tax returns are 100 percent accurate, and that filers receive their biggest refund. It’s a free, safe, and easy way for individuals earning less than $66,000 to file federal and state taxes. Users can:

  • File their federal taxes—and up to three state returns—for free
  • Utilize error checkers, online chats to navigate the process, and Refund Reveal™ to understand how and why the refund amount is changing
  • Screen for refunds and credit eligibility such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit
  • Access the software from a computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Get free customer support from IRS-certified specialists in English or Spanish

To learn more about filing your taxes for free, visit a participating Cricket store. Cricket will dedicate an area of the store for customers to use MyFreeTaxes, and United Way volunteers will be onsite to provide assistance with the filing process. 

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