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Moving America’s Children Into the Spotlight

Moving America’s Children Into the Spotlight

As Election Day 2012 approaches, United Way is partnering with several national children’s organizations, including Voices for America’s Future (Voices), the Children’s Leadership Council, SparkAction and the National Collaboration for Youth, to ensure that children, youth and families are not forgotten during Town Halls, debates and especially in the voting booth.

While the majority of Americans rank children and youth among their top political priorities, a recent study found that these issues have commanded only 2 percent of the presidential debate discussion. Given that children represent a quarter of the country’s population and 100 percent of its future, it is critical that the presidential candidates address how they will improve the health, welfare, financial stability and education of our nation’s children.

Join the #Kids2012 campaign and help us make this presidential election an opportunity for dialogue about America’s future. This initiative is focused on mobilizing individuals and institutions to call on the presidential candidates, debate moderators, and state and local campaigns across America to put children into the spotlight.

Please take a moment to sign our petition asking the media and our presidential candidates to reflect the public will and make children and youth and their families a priority in 2012. With your help, we can get the candidates talking about kids!

To view a brief presentation about Kids2012, click here. (When you get to the presentation, clicking "more" in the bottom right hand corner will allow you to view it in fullscreen mode.)

Help Us Spread the Word about #Kids2012!

Sample Tweets:

#Children, #Youth and #Families should be part of the presidential debates! http://chn.ge/Aq6WxR #kids2012 #kidswin

It’s time for the #candidates to #answer real questions about our #future!

Sign the petition: http://chn.ge/Aq6WxR #kids2012 #kidswin

2% of debate questions for our #1 issue?  Include #children in the debate! http://chn.ge/Aq6WxR #kids2012 #kidswin

Sample Facebook Posts:

Children and youth are my top priority – are they yours? Then take a minute to sign our petition to move children into the spotlight this election season http://chn.ge/Aq6WxR

The next presidential primary debates are coming up in Arizona and we want real answers to our questions about children, youth and families. Help us make sure child and youth issues are part of the debate by signing our petition! http://chn.ge/Aq6WxR