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Lots of Helping Hands Make Communities Stronger

Lots of Helping Hands Make Communities Stronger

There are lots of helping hands out there to offer assistance to others when needed. Everyone at some point in their lives will need help of one kind or another. While some people might know where to go or who to ask for help, many won't. Whether it's a financial, education or health issue, asking for help doesn't come easily for some, and this could lead to suffering or struggling in silence. Through United Way, volunteers are at the ready to give what they can to those in need. Not only is volunteering an excellent way to help people, but it's also a great way to feel fulfilled in your life. There isn't a better feeling in the world than giving your time to help others.

Through United Way, lots of helping hands offer assistance in areas like financial and income stability and health education. Volunteers are always in demand to provide support to children, the elderly, or anyone who is in need.


Education strategies are in place through United Way to give children the skills and abilities they need to succeed, from early childhood through high school and into college. Volunteers work with children, parents, and communities to make education a priority that leads to success down the line. Literacy programs make sure that children have a proficiency in reading by the fourth grade.


Volunteers who wish to work with financial and income strategies will focus on the following main areas:

  • Family-sustaining employment
  • Affordable housing
  • Savings and assets
  • Manageable expenses
  • Income supports

Providing tax assistance and financial education to adults and families is an essential part of this program.

Health Education

Volunteers can provide health education to people and communities to help reach United Way's goal of increasing by one-third the number of youth and adults who are healthy and avoid risky behaviors by the year 2018.

All of these programs require the dedication of lots of helping hands. Without volunteers and advocates giving their time, compassion, and knowledge, these programs wouldn't be around and individuals as well as communities would suffer.