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Let’s put a little FUN in fundraising with Red Nose Day USA

You know what’s funny… You can act a fool (yeah, I said act a fool) while helping to make a difference in the lives of children in poverty around the world. So let’s do something funny, for money. And, more importantly, it’s for a good cause. It’s what Red Nose Day is all about.

Helping each other out with nose picking

Founded in 1988 by film director Richard Curtis, Red Nose Day encourages everyone from kids to corporates to do something fun in the name of raising awareness around a serious global issue, while also raising funds to help identify and deliver solutions. It’s clear why United Way is excited to be a part of introducing Red Nose Day to the U.S.

On May 21 at 8:00 pm ET / 7:00 pm CT, NBC will be airing a 3-hour star-studded comedy telethon to raise money and awareness about children in poverty around the world. With appearances by Jack Black, Julia Roberts, Coldplay, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Aniston, Ciara, and Adam Levine and more; plus comedy sketches by Funny Or Die, this event promises a lot of fun for an important cause.

But you can do more than just watch the telethon. Be a part of the movement. Undoubtedly, if you’re ever on social media, you’ve seen someone donning the famous red nose. I know… you’re jealous and you want to know where you can get one. It’s simple: visit a Walgreens or Duane Reade in your area and you can pick your nose. You can even pick your friend’s nose too! For just $1 you can help make a difference.

Me, picking my nose

But that’s not the end of your engagement. No, no. You know what you have to do. Yep…put it on. Do something funny. Take a picture. Share it online using #RedNose and #LIVEUNITED. Then keep it on and spread the word in your community. Wear your nose during an upcoming volunteer event, on your way to work, or at your next meeting. It’s a conversation starter that will help shine a light on the issue at hand.

Red Nose Day is right around the corner, and I know you’re excited to get involved. But your ability to do something good for the community doesn’t have to end there. United Way offers a variety of ways you can help your community thrive. Find volunteer opportunities in your area. Discover how you can take action and advocate for a cause that matters to you. Or, make a donation to help keep impactful community programs going.

Don’t miss Red Nose Day USA on May 21 at 8:00 pm ET / 7:00 pm CT on NBC. Wear your red nose. And, help make a difference in your community with United Way.