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“If I had a superpower right now, I would do my best to heal the planet of this virus”

Ileana is a seventh grade student at a school in Timiș County. Along with her younger sister, they have been part of United Way Romania’s education program since its start, in 2017. The sisters are both enrolled in Nesting a Brighter Future program, supported by Velux Foundations and Globalworth Foundation.

The girls’ parents work hard to provide them with conditions so that they can go to school. For most of us it seems hard to believe, but there are families in Romania and everywhere – not a few – for which school is a luxury. Education is, for many children, just an unattainable dream, because of poverty. Without access to basic things such as food, clothes, shoes or boots, notebooks, books and pencils and without support from others – family or community – the little ones cannot learn.

Ileana and her sister have parents who understand the importance of education and make efforts to provide girls with everything they need to learn. Their mother and father came to United Way Romania’s education program specialists and enrolled their daughters in this project, in order to offer them real support and opportunities to help them reach their true potential and to have a chance to become financially independent adults.

From the first days when she participated in the activities within the program, Ileana was very involved, always eager to learn new things and also to help her younger colleagues. For about 2 years, she also dedicates time to be a tutor for younger colleagues who need learning support. During the isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, when the activities of the center frequented by children continued in other forms, so that they do not interrupt their education, Ileana constantly offered help to her younger sister.

Here is what Ileana wrote in March 2020, during the pandemic isolation:

Dear Universe,

This period is quite difficult for me, because I can’t see my friends and colleagues.

However, something helps me get over it: the music. Listening to music calms me down, and gives me hope that everything will be fine.

If I had a superpower, I would do my best to rid the planet of this virus, I would try to find a medicine, and in the end to cheer people up, because we all go through hard and difficult times.

I hope everything will be resolved as soon as possible.

Ileana is a remarkable student, who not only has very good results in school, but is also involved in everything she does and eager to know.

Enrollment in United Way Romania’s education program is a chance for thousands of children in our country who, due to material deprivation and various situations of vulnerability, can not go to school. In order to continue to help them, we need support.


United Way Romania’s activities are based on the “Live United” principle, founded on the certitude that, together, relevant actors and community members can contribute to a better life for everyone: quality education leads to a stable job, provides a decent income that can support a family and a good health. This process has helped us to develop a network of collaborators and partners: NGOs, private companies and relevant public institutions, partners who recognize the experience of our organization in finding solutions to the problems of our communities.

How can you help United Way Romania continue to provide critical services to the community:

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