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How will you LIVE UNITED This Year? Share your #LIVEUNITED Resolution!

As 2012 comes to a close, it’s time to think about setting goals for the New Year. Whether it’s hitting the gym or calling your parents more often, the New Year is a new start and opportunity for self-improvement.

As you set professional and personal resolutions for 2013, think about the ways that you want to make a meaningful impact on your community this year. How can you support a cause, help someone in need or raise your voice about an issue that’s important to you?

We’ll be sharing some ideas on how you can give, advocate and volunteer in 2013 but we also want to hear from you. Share your #LiveUnited resolution.  Write in the comment box below.  Share on our Facebook page.  Talk about it on Twitter.  Use hashtags #LIVEUNITED #2013res.

Feeling inspired? Use old magazines or clip art and create a vision board of how you to want to Live United over the next year. 

Here are 10 #LiveUnited resolutions to consider:

  1. Start a walking school bus in your neighborhood.
  2. Donate to those in need.
  3. Plant a community garden
  4. Meet with your member of Congress.
  5. Teach a kid’s culinary class.
  6. Give a nonmonetary donation.
  7. Be an advocate for education, income or health.
  8. Become a volunteer reader, tutor or mentor.
  9. Got a lot on your plate?  Do community service online.
  10. Write an op-ed to your local publications. Send a letter to the editor on early grade reading.

How will YOU advance the common good in 2013?