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Here’s One Way You Can Fight for Your Community

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling pretty restless during these uncertain times.

Beyond donating to worthy causes, delivering groceries to neighbors and checking in on friends and family members, I have a nagging feeling that there’s much more that I could be doing to support my community.

At United Way, our mission is to mobilize the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good. We work to translate passion and empathy into meaningful, sustainable and collective action. 

That’s why I’m particularly proud of a campaign we are launching, United We Count, United We Vote, to mobilize people to be civically engaged during this time of social distancing. From May through November, we are organizing virtual trainings, livestreamed events and calls to action to help people vote and be counted in the census.

I hope you’ll join me in the launch, especially because we have a special guest joining to help kickoff the campaign! When We All Vote co-chair and soccer star extraordinaire, Megan Rapinoe, will join our virtual event on Tuesday, May 12 at 3 pm EDT to talk about the importance of voting in 2020 and how you can get involved.

Maxwell Zorick from MTV’s Vote Early Day and Timothy Olson from the U.S. Census Bureau will also join me for a live conversation on how you can mobilize your community to be civically engaged from home.

Then we’ll hang out with DJ William Lifestyle while completing your 2020 Census and registering to vote!

Civic engagement is at the heart of what United Way does. For over 130 years, United Way has brought together leaders in communities to solve problems in a non-partisan manner. Today, our role is even more important than ever.

We know that solving the health and economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic means that people need to be civically engaged, policymakers must take action that will help workers, children and families, and we need an accurate census count to determine where resources are needed the most.  

We invite every person in every community to join us by pledging to be a civic leader. Even while social distancing, you can be a champion for your community and ensure they have the critical supports and resources to thrive and succeed.


Your community needs your voice.


Voter and civic engagement builds stronger communities. Participating in civic engagement activities contributes to the quality of life of our communities. Join us by pledging to do your part and participate in our democracy.

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