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Here’s a question: Where do the candidates stand on promoting volunteering and national service?

I thought it was great that individuals were permitted to ask questions during the second presidential debates.  One question to ask is where the candidates stand on promoting volunteer engagement through national service.  

Volunteers meet crucial needs in their communities.  They also make a powerful economic contribution, with the annual volunteer work of nearly 62.8 million adults valued at $173 billion, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service.  It would be fantastic if “the volunteer sector” was discussed more often by candidates for any office as a part of the solution to many of our nation’s challenges. 

Let’s get our own debate going through social media and around the dinner table tonight.  What should the government’s role be in supporting and promoting volunteers?  Should national service be a requirement for all Americans?  What would you ask the candidates about their views on the value of volunteering? Let us know what you think.