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“Help the Children” cause marketing campaign raises 6.3 million rubles for foster kids in Russia

The Charitable Foundation United Way of Russia held the federal social campaign “Help The Children” together with its long-standing partner – Cherkizovo Group. The campaign, which lasted 35 days, was attended by more than 6 million people from the Moscow, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk, Lipetsk, Penza and Tula regions. One ruble from each product sold with the packaging of the poultry brand “Petelinka” made its way to ten orphanages, in which there are currently 525 foster kids.

Commenting on the results of the concluded campaign, the director of the Foundation United Way of Russia Tatiana Zadirako, said:

We are very pleased that Cherkizovo’s initiative was supported by so many people, and we managed to collect 6.3 million rubles."

Tatiana Zadirako, director of United Way of Russia

Educational institutions for children without parental care are facing serious financial difficulties, and children are experiencing a lack of attention, a deficiency of communication with the outside world. Graduates of orphanages need to acquire independent living skills that will help them to navigate better in adult life. Therefore, the organization of such a campaign today is an opportunity to awaken in people the best human qualities and to continue the development of the traditions in our country forsocially responsible businesses.

During the New Year’s corporate event, dedicated to summarizing the accomplishments from the year, Tatiana Zadirako awarded certificates of appreciation to the management of Cherkizovo Group for their selfless contribution to the development of a professional system of charity in Russia.