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Global Resident Fellows Graduate and New Class Announced

Established in 2008 by Lilly Endowment, the Global Resident Fellows Program was created to identify, engage and develop the next generation of worldwide United Way leaders. The program offers a year-long leadership development journey through various events and activities led by United Way Worldwide and external thought leaders including on-the-job cross-functional projects, cross-cultural awareness, action-learning projects, mentoring and discussions with United Way thought leaders around the world.

A rich network of professionals from across the world help the Fellows create lifelong relationships they will use to further expand and strengthen our community impact work and the worldwide network. A goal of the program is to support the expansion and the strengthening of the United Way Worldwide network by building United Way capacity to effectively serve local communities, strengthen community impact and improve lives of people around the world.

United Way Worldwide is proud to announce the 22 graduates from seven countries of the 2009-2010 program and welcome the 28 fellows from 12 countries of the 2010-2011 program.

2009-2010 Global Resident Fellows:

Eve Bilotas, United States

Antonette “Toni” Carlo, United States

Tiffany Dow, United States

Jennifer Fletcher, United States

Elena Golovan, Russia

Ramona Maria Gotteszman, Romania

Brenda Hazlett, United States

Gena Henry, United States

Vanessa Juárez Ruano, Guatemala

Elise Lee, United States

Matthew Levin-Stankevich, United States

Michael Maucker, United States

Ivan Dario Muñoz Quevedo, Colombia

Heath Niemeyer, United States

Phuong Ngo, Vietnam

Lauren Paver, United States

Christopher Riker, United States

Lisa Sieren, United States

Vanessa Van Atta, United States

Éva Vörös, Hungary

Brian Williams, United States

Jason Wood, United States

2010-2011 Global Resident Fellows:

Clare Beavan,United Kingdom

Mabel Bejarano, United States

Isa Chuang,Taiwan

Lisa Clark, United States

Meredith Cohen, United States

Paula Crenn Pisaneschi, Brasil

Monica Daniels, United States

Jennifer DeLaura, United States

Pamela Delgado Carrasquilla, Colombia

Sue Dixon, Australia

Brian Duchon, United States

Julie Fletcher Graves, United States

Stephanie Fox, Canada

Jonathan Gibbons, United States

Brandy Gottlieb, United States

Paulina Guanes Calcaneo, Mexico

Shefali Gupta, India

Hailey Hutchinson, United States

Todd Jasin, United States

Young Joo Lee, Republic of Korea

Stefanie Lopez, United States

Theodore “Ted” Maple, United States

Susan Murphy, United States

Lisa Pillar, United States

Linda Ramsumir, Trinidad & Tobago

Deborah Stewart, Jamaica

Sevag Tateosian, United States

Jeffrey Winkler, United States