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Give the ‘Gift of Giving’

Give the ‘Gift of Giving’

Tis the season for giving and donating to your favorite charity's end-of-the year holiday drive. This is a time of year to appreciate our nation's rich history and tradition of charitable giving. Unfortunately, the tax policies that encourage individuals to give are at risk.

Congress will spend much of December working to find a solution to the so-called "fiscal cliff." A variety of limitations to the charitable deduction have been proposed, all of which will reduce charities' capacity to advance the common good. At a time when federal, state and local government programs are being cut and need is rising, charities are being asked to pick up the slack. With today's economic realities, we should be incentivizing more charitable giving, not less.  

We need your urgent help to tell Congress about how current tax laws on charitable giving help individuals and families in our communities. Here are three things you can do to help raise awareness about the importance of the charitable deduction.


 1. Email your Member of Congress in support of the work of nonprofits in your community.  Done? Wasn't it easy? Share the alert through email, facebook and twitter.

 2. Mark Your Calendar! Charitable Giving Call-in Day on December 5th: The Charitable Giving Coalition will be hitting the Hill for "Protect Giving - D.C. Days." Amplify the impact by calling your reps with these simple talking points.

 3. Go social: Share how charitable giving helps your community and why it's important to you. Use hashtag #ProtectGiving

Facebook: At a time when government programs are being cut and need is rising, nonprofits are being asked to pick up the slack. We must protect charitable giving to advance the common good http://www.capwiz.com/unitedway/issues/alert/?alertid=55024501

Twitter: Charitable giving strengthens our community, advancing the common good. Take action #ProtectGiving http://bit.ly/Usz0qG #LiveUnited