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From Dropout to Valedictorian

From Dropout to Valedictorian

Story via United Way of Southeastern Michigan

A mentor can mean the difference between success and failure – or the difference between a dropout and a valedictorian.

Early on, Donniqua was a good student. But by the time she was in middle school, she was getting exposed to guns, drugs, and other dangerous experiences, all of which could have put her education at risk.

But then Donniqua found a mentor, a committed teacher at her Turnaround School. He challenged Donniqua to focus on her education and her future. Now, as a senior, Donniqua mentors underclassmen, and she is set to graduate first in her class.

You can help a student like Donniqua stay on the path to education and success. Watch Donniqua's story and then sign up to be a mentor today.

The teachers at Donniqua’s school, Cody Academy of Public Leadership, also serve as mentors and role models to their students. Teachers teach, but they also motivate and challenge young people to be the very best.

Donniqua’s success extends beyond the classroom. She has served an internship, participated in another mentoring program and currently serves as a Major in the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC), where her role is to help teach respect, responsibility and discipline.

If Donniqua can mentor and inspire other young people, so can you.

Help students like Donniqua stay on the right track: www.liveunitedsem.org/share-donniquas-story