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Four Keys to Strive Towards Financial Success

New Year’s Resolutions are a hallmark of the month of January.  Making more money, saving money and spending less money are usually somewhere near the top of the list. But as we all know, without a specific plan in place, many New Year’s resolutions, are never achieved. To address common financial concerns in Flemington, New Jersey – and perhaps to even help some achieve their financial New Year’s resolutions - United Way of Hunterdon County, along with a cross-section of community leaders, run a financial stability initiative – Hunterdon Thrive. By following four simple, easy to follow steps towards financial stability, participants in Thrive achieve their goals, and you can too!

"Hunterdon Thrive isn't a program – it is a change in the way people who want to improve their financial stability can navigate community services and set goals with the assistance of a coach," explains Caroline Scutt, Communications & Community Impact Director for United Way of Hunterdon County, the community partner leading the initiative.

Thrive takes a holistic approach to supporting those who are interested in improving their financial outlook.  It connects people to services like financial coaching and workshops, career counseling, and job search training. With this multi-faceted support, financial goals are more attainable to those who have committed to improvement by signing up to Thrive.

“Thrivers,” as the program participants are called, reach their financial goals by working towards the following:

  • reducing debt
  • increasing credit scores
  • learning and practicing smart money management
  • exploring career opportunities

Though each Thriver gets the help of a coach, who works with individuals to set those goals and connect them with appropriate resources to reach them, anyone can put reduced debt, increased credit score, smart money management, and improve career options on their list of things to achieve in 2018. By adding more specific aspects – like the ones above -  to their financial goals, folks are more likely to achieve them.

In the words of one Thriver, “It’s helped me make progress towards goals that I might have thought about but would never have acted on.  It helps me put things into practice and see the value of budgeting—where I might be wasteful and how I can save.”

More than anything, it’s so wonderful and reassuring that there’s someone I can reach out to anytime—someone who cares, who has my best interest at heart and who can make me aware of things I’d never have known about.   Thrive is helping me plant solid roots here where I want to stay and build a new life and it’s helping me reach those goals.”

United Way believes that people of all ages should have an opportunity to improve their economic status and is proud to provide people the tools to better manage their money, get on more solid financial ground, and find a career with potential for advancement. To find out how you can get involved in your own community, contact your local United Way.

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