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Employees Show Volunteering to be Part of Active, Healthy and Independent Living

United Way Day of Caring enables employees supporting United Way in communities around the world to engage in hands-on volunteering and to better understand how their service and financial contributions make a difference. United Way of Peel Region’s recent Day of Caring deployed hundreds of volunteers from more than 20 companies in Ontario, Canada to refurbish homes and nonprofits’ offices, pick up litter, plant trees, organize donations to charitable organizations, assemble craft kits, and more. The fact that employees in their twenties to those nearing retirement participated underscores United Way’s commitment to helping people include volunteering as part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Depend, a brand of Kimberly-Clark, sponsored the 2014 United Way of Peel Region Day of Caring, the first of 10 volunteer events the company will sponsor in North America over the next year. United Way Worldwide has partnered with Depend to promote healthy, active, and independent living throughout an individual's life by focusing on volunteering. Like Depend, United Way aims to provide essentials for a better life to those in need. The partnership with Depend will help extend our ability to deliver meaningful volunteer engagement that opens up dialogue, breaks down stigmas and helps people live active and fulfilling lives.

Volunteering with United Way and other organizations is bound to help you feel good physically and mentally. I encourage you to contact your local United Way to get involved with a volunteer opportunity that is right for you. And if you’d like to learn more about how volunteering can be part of an active, healthy and independent lifestyle, check out these posts: