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DAY OF ACTION: Soccer tournament and Romeo and Juliet play

DAY OF ACTION: Soccer tournament and Romeo and Juliet play

United Way Tocqueville France celebrated its Day of Action on 18th June 2014, along with members of associations they support, volunteers, business employees, parents and more than 180 students.

To get started, Sport dans la Ville, a long-time partner association, organised a soccer tournament in the suburbs of Paris for about 80 students between 8 and 15 years of age. The players were separated into different teams of 8 footballers, all named after a nation competing for the Football World Cup in Brazil. The young footballers
played their matches, enjoying their time under the sun shining over the stadium. They all revealed their athletic talent throughout the competition.
All volunteers from United Way and other partner associations helped Sport dans la Ville organise the tournament and brighten the afternoon by tending the bar,
skin painting the players, taking photos and videos, refereeing, collecting the students’ Facebook addresses, etc. The competition was fought enthusiastically by the restless students and ended up with Portugal’s victory – which apparently wasn’t a forecast for the worldwide competition.

Afterwards, the United Way team and other volunteers went back to Paris to witness a show presented by the young members of Les Petits Riens, another association partner of the Success at School programme. It was part of an evening dedicated to associations helping children and grown-ups through music and theatre ractice, with several plays and concerts included in the programme. The evening counted on the presence of a very famous French singer, Olivia Ruiz. The company consisting of more than 100 young artists offered a breath-taking performance of a play inspired by Shakespeare’s famous Romeo and Juliet. The show harmoniously mingled diverse references such as West Side Story and Prokofiev and was led by talented dynamic students who played music, danced, sang and acted on stage. After the performance, all guests were invited to gather around a little cocktail to congratulate the artists and discuss with the various stakeholders of the evening.


This Day of Action allowed United Way Tocqueville France and its diverse partners to tighten the links they have built and to create new ones – a beautiful moment shared by all volunteers present at the event. All we can say it that it won’t be easy to top it next year!