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DAY OF ACTION: Running from the Heart

June 3rd saw the families of participants in the Running from the Heart program join their children and professional runners in a 1.5km run in Tel Aviv’s central park. Together with volunteers from the First International Bank of Israel and Matan-Investing in the Community they also enjoyed runs of up to 5km, happenings and activities for all ages. This run, held annually, is the highlight of a year’s activities for the NPO which was established in 2008 by accomplished Olympic long distance runners and members of the Israeli Ethiopian community. They realized that they held a powerful tool that could change the paths and fortunes of youngsters’ lives. Recruiting the children and youth from their neighborhoods they began to train them in running until it became clear that it was far more than running that these groups of children were receiving but positive role models, motivation to succeed, a purpose in which to invest and rise to a personal challenge.