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Community Service Ideas to Help the Environment

Community service ideas can include a simple one-off act or an ongoing commitment to a project or organization. Everyone has different amounts of time and energy that they can lend to the community, but a lot of people are concerned about the environment. Luckily, you can do a few simple things to help the community and the environment at the same time, without stretching your own personal resources too thin.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Start a garden or plant a few trees. The best way to get the community involved in this sort of endeavor is to make the garden a shared project for your neighborhood or town. When planting trees, consider placing them in an area where members of the community can enjoy them.
  • Go door to door collecting old phone books and other unusable paper items. Bring them to a recycling plant.
  • Clean up garbage along a hiking or biking trail, or even just on the side of the road. Parks can be especially prone to littering, as are some stretches of highway. Just remember to observe safety precautions if you're in an area with traffic.
  • Try to organize an energy audit for your school, workplace, or community center. Maybe the local legion could use an upgrade, but they don't have the money to hire an auditor. Try some fundraising activities to help mitigate the costs of any environmentally friendly changes that might be necessary.
  • A lot of community service ideas involve recycling. If you have a lot of time, organize a recycling fair or group activity of some sort. You could use the proceeds from bottles and cans for a group party, or you could put the money back into the community by donating to a charity, local sports team, or campus club.

If everyone pitched in just a little bit, we could come up with thousands of simple community service ideas to help the environment. No effort is too small if you are working toward a healthier environment.