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We Need YOUth: Children’s Inaugural Address Video Project

We Need YOUth: Children’s Inaugural Address Video Project

This January 21, President Obama will deliver his inaugural address, setting the tone and the agenda for the coming term by identifying the administration’s aspirations, goals, and priorities.

What issues and policies do you think President Obama and Congress should focus on in the next four years? What actions do they need to take, and what must they accomplish?

The Children’s Leadership Council and Sparkaction are creating a Children’s Inaugural Address video to give voice to young people’s priorities and ideas. Be a part of the movement! Share your personal experiences and your ideas for what the nation needs to get back on track and ensure every kid in the U.S. grows up in healthy, safe and vibrant communities with good schools and opportunities to build productive futures for themselves and their families. When you do, you’ll be part of a nationwide movement for change.

How to Get Involved:

1. Record and upload a video. Visit http://SparkAction.org/inaugural for detailed instructions on how to record and upload a video. What You Need: A 45-second video of you sharing your ideas. You can use a camera, a smartphone or laptop/tablet. Upload your video by December 30.

2. Spread the word! Share this opportunity with young people in your community. Below are some sample tweets.

  • Tell Obama & Congress what you care about for #inauguration2013. Upload your vid! http://bit.ly/VzfntH #kidsinaugural #liveunited
  • Under 24? Tell DC what matters to you by making a clip for #kidsinaugural vid project http://bit.ly/VzfntH #Inauguration2013 #liveunited
  • What are YOUR priorities? Be part of the #kidsinaugural video project for #Inauguration2013 upload clip: http://bit.ly/VzfntH #liveunited

For ideas on how to get started with your personal story, go to: http://SparkAction.org/inaugural.