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United Way Advocacy Forum and Capitol Hill Day 2012

United Way Advocacy Forum and Capitol Hill Day 2012

Nearly 50 United Way CEOs, staff and volunteers gathered in Washington, DC last week for an advocacy training and Hill Day focused on advocating for critical Education, Income and Health issues. 

United Way Worldwide President and CEO Brian Gallagher kicked off the Forum by speaking about how engaging in policy is a critical component of the work United Ways and our supporters must do.  In order to achieve our national goals to improve education, help people achieve financial stability and promote healthy lives, we must advocate for the policies and programs that advance the common good on the national, state and local level.

Among the many high-profile policy leaders and experts speaking at the conference, congressional staffers from both sides of the aisle shared about the legislative landscape for the remainder of the year.  They also encouraged state and local advocates to meet with their congressional representatives and share about what is happening in their communities and the issues they believe Congress should prioritize. 

Other sessions explored how United Ways can influence state policy, measure and evaluate public policy and advance the nonprofit sector. The second day engaged the participants in a session on how to strategically and more cohesively advocate for policy issues and shape United Way’s national Public Policy Agenda for the next Congress.  Read United Way’s current Policy Agenda.

A Call to Action

As participants prepared to meet with their congressional representatives, the Forum ended with a call to action to ensure that Congress mitigates cuts to programs that support the communities we serve.   At a moment when economic security is already compromised for communities nationwide, we cannot afford to see further erosion of financial support for programs that provide opportunity for millions of Americans.  As the dramatic federal spending cuts required under sequestration approach later this year, it is critical that we protect programs that benefit all communities.  

Join us and advocate for the programs and services that are vital to our vulnerable communities.  Read our one-pager and view our prezi about proposed cuts occurring under sequestration and what you can do.