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Can a GAME change the world?

Imagine a game that’s so fun, kids can’t stop playing it. Imagine this game is educational as well. Now imagine this game has such powerful impacts for real communities – it can actually change the world.
Here’s the good news: this game is a reality and it’s called InterroBang.
InterroBangCreated by Nuvana in partnership with the Exploratorium, Learn and Serve America and sponsored by Microsoft Education – InterroBang is a socially-networked game that teaches the art of problem solving by giving kids missions that have to be completed in the real world.
Missions challenge young people to try new things and think in innovative and creative ways.  Build a shelter without harming a living thing.  Create a song that expresses an emotion using no words.  Share and compare a tradition with a student from another country.  Make an anti-bullying PSA.
What’s really exciting about InterroBang is that students and educators can suggest missions themselves that might directly impact their own communities or favorite issues.
The more their solutions impact the real world positively, the more points they get in the game.  InterroBang winners win cool prizes like Xbox Kinects or FlipCams.

Not only do InterroBang missions inspire kids to engage in their communities, it also helps them learn from these expereiences. Education is a critical component to United Way's work to create opporunities for a better life for all. Education, along with financial stability and health, are building block for a good quality of life.

Join us in advancing the common good by going to play this fun, educational game at www.playinterrobang.com, or find out more on Facebook and Twitter!