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Blog Posts by Patrick McIntyre

Today is National Youth Enrollment Day!

United Ways across the country are helping their neighbors understand their health care options. We know that families are more financially secure and kids do better in school if everyone has access to quality, affordable health insurance. We also know that young adults have the highest rate of uninsured in the country. So with a deadline of February 15 quickly approaching, why wait? United Way can help you get enrolled today.

Health Care is Hard – Navigating the Changes

April 7-14, 2014 is National Public Health Week. In this blog, Patrick McIntyre, our Director of Health Policy, sheds some light on the recent health care changes and gives us a glimpse into what is ahead.

Have You Been Helped by Medicaid or CHIP?

Have you or someone you know been helped by Medicaid or CHIP? Following an injury or illness, were you able to get the health care you need AND remain financial stable? How did United Way play a role in getting the support you needed?

Voice Your Priorities: Opportunity and the Federal Budget

Few things receive more scrutiny, both in terms of policy and politically, than the federal budget. And typically under divided government, Congress tends to not do BIG things… until it does. Use your voice to advocate your priorities during this process.

The Safety Net Steps Up When the Economy Slows Down

The story goes like this - as the American Middle Class continues to struggle in today's economy, more and more of us - particularly those of us who had never previously needed public assistance - are turning to Safety Net to provide the essentials for their children and families.

Children’s Health is a National Priority

Medicaid and the Children?s Health Insurance Program provide vital health care to children whose families don?t receive coverage from their employer, or who don?t earn enough money to afford coverage on their own.