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Photo of Kelly Barrett

Kelly Barrett is social media manager at United Way Worldwide. A life-long blogger with a professional background in public relations, she works to share amazing stories of community change through United Way's digital channels to inspire individuals to take meaningful actions, both online and IRL. During her non-screen time, she can be found doing yoga, eating a bagel or playing with a nearby puppy.

Blog Posts by Kelly Barrett

Parody is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Catch the United Way parody on NBC tonight at 9PM Eastern. This Throwback Thursday we’re celebrating our favorite SNL digital short, featuring Peyton Manning. The Saturday Night Live version is hilarious, but the work we do in communities is even better. Check out the original Peyton Manning PSA that started it all,  as well as the 1975 spot by Archie Manning that marks the beginning of the Manning family tradition of supporting United Way.