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SanDisk partners with United Way Israel to celebrate its 25th anniversary

In celebration of SanDisk's 25th anniversary the international company has embarked on a commitment to volunteering in all of its sites worldwide. Together with Matan – Investing in the Community, SanDisk in Israel is encouraging and enabling its employees to participate in both campaigns and in local volunteering projects.

Success at School program 2014 new edition

In the framework of the Success at School Program new edition of United Way France the six beneficiary nonprofits were gathered in Paris to share experiences on their development and participate to small working sessions along with a capacity building organization.

United Way Romania Tocqueville Society

The United Way Tocqueville Society in Romania was created in 2011 through the personal contribution of Steven van Groningen. In 2013, Marian Dinu, Daniel Tepes and Mike Hayde became member of the Romanian Tocqueville Society.

Launch of the Flying Challenge third edition

The third edition of the Flying Challenge was officially launched on the 14th of November 2013 at the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC). Evelyne Berthou, the Director of the Cabinet at the ENAC honoured us by hosting the Flying Challenge in their well-known institution.

Learnings from the United Way Europe and Middle-East Conference 3rd edition

In view of United Way’s growing presence in the Europe region, the 2013 United Way Europe and Middle East Regional Conference took place in London on November 4th to 6th. The event brought together 14 local United Way CEOs and staff leaders, 7 Board members, 12 United Way Worldwide speakers, and 18 corporate prospects willing to know more about community impact and engaging in the priority issue of education in this region.

Learn to Succeed launched in Romania

United Way Romania launched this autumn a program assisting 1,500 children and youth, 800 parents and 180 teachers in an integrated approach to prevent school abandonment, increase the quality of life of families and empower teachers to prevent school dropout.

Launch of National Oral Health Program

Oral health care is a major issue in Romania. According to statistics, Romanian people change their toothbrush every three years and use 125 ml of toothpaste a year and 80% of them have oral health problems.