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Opening of a Worldtheque in Warsaw

After 6 months of hard work, United Way Poland opened “Światoteka”, a local day-club for children from Praga Poludnie district, thanks to the support of FedEx Express. Initial activities included art contest, private tutoring and catch-up classes for children and training classes for senior volunteers that will act as private tutors by helping children with their homework or just having a conversation.

First Bell at School 2014 edition benefit more than 500 pupils

Every year, United Way Poland collects within partner companies school supplies that are then distributed to children in need by volunteers. This action, called "First Bell at School" surpassed all expectations this year and benefitted more than 500 pupils coming from NGOs from several Polish cities and from our “Overcome the crisis” Counselling.

Volunteering Highlight: the “Festival of Flowers”

On the 25th of June, employees from Nutricia Poland together with the United Way Poland Foundation employees and volunteers took part to the “Festival of Flowers” with children from Association of Children’ Friends Praga Polnoc.

Share The Experience with Children Needing Extra Help

Together with our corporate partners including Generali, Celanese, KCI and DunaPro United Way Hungary created opportunities for inclusive play and launched The Tree of Dreams, the new symbol of our commitment to help children and youth realize their dreams, on which children can place their handprints with their dream „What will I be when i grow up?” written in it.

DAY OF ACTION: Let’s play Scrabble!

On this year's Day of Action, United Way Romania gathered 800 children from their partner agencies and volunteers for the largest Scrabble game in Romania. The event took place in three cities at the same time: Bucharest, Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca.