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Advancing Digital Literacy for Youth in Ghana

Technology is increasingly becoming a driver of learning and growth in school systems around the world. And yet, for many young people in Africa, access to the technology training they need to obtain a higher education and quality job is hard to come by. United Way Ghana is changing the educational landscape by fighting to increase the digital literacy level of youth in their community.
On September 7, United Way held a training seminar in Nima for more than 300 students from lower- and upper-basic schools in the Ayawaso East district. The seminar taught students practical skills they can use in school and the workforce—from how to find information online using search engines to using computer applications for learning. It’s a step forward for many students.

“We believe that equipping children with relevant digital skills at an early age will give them a stronger advantage and help them leverage the opportunities of today’s digital world as they grow. It is our collective responsibility as a nation to assist young people to get access to technology and use them appropriately to improve their study.”

Safuratu Andani, acting president of United Way Ghana’s Governing Council

During the technology exercises—which forms part of United Way’s Improving Basic Education program—participants were trained in break-out groups under the facilitation of volunteers from Achievers Ghana, Open Foundation West Africa, AB & David Africa, IBM, World Reader, Baraka Policy Institute, Ghana Muslim Academy and Child Accra, with support from Belaqua, Databank Foundation, TopDog Africa, Crust Media, Japan Motors, and Rich and Laura Riedman through United Way IDAG. Preceding the training, a stakeholder durbar was held for community leaders, parents and teachers to enlighten them on their crucial role in creating an enabling environment for young people to use digital technology effectively and appropriately.
Sekina, 12, a beneficiary of the digital training, expressed renewed interest in understanding more learning tools in the digital world. “I have picked up some useful tips on using Google to search for topics for my assignments. It has been very beneficial to me.”