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UW Romania: vulnerable children discovered performance in sport with the help of Genpact volunteers

Bucharest, September 15, 2015 – Last September, 1,000 vulnerable children supported by United Way Romania were helped by 500 Genpact volunteers, at Genpact Sports Day, to discover fifteen performance sports, including running, tennis, judo, swimming, fencing and gymnastics – sports that brought some of Romania’s world champions.

At the event taking place at the Dinamo Sports Club in Bucharest participated sports stars such as former Olympic champions Gabriela Szabo, Andreea Răducan or Laura Badea.

“I would like to congratulate all the teachers who are with you today, your parents, all the volunteers, because only together we can work and take the beautiful path called sport. I wish you success and don’t forget you are the best!” said Gabriela Szabo, the Minister of Youth and Sports, in her speech addressed to the children at the opening of the event.

Through this initiative, Genpact chose to celebrate ten years of presence in Romania and invest in community, by promoting a healthy lifestyle among children from disadvantaged backgrounds and helping them to reach their full potential. The children were selected from beneficiaries of sixteen non-profit organizations in Bucharest and nearby, supported by United Way Romania programs. Moreover, with the support of the Bucharest Dinamo Sports Club and its trainers, the organizers hope to recruit young sports talents, who will receive such a chance in life by discovering a potential career in sports.

“Every year, we have more than 900 volunteers in Romania who participate in over 40 events, covering approximately 3,300 hours of volunteering. We chose to work on this project so important for us with United Way Romania thanks to our successful partnership we have been building in the past 8 years. What’s more, we proudly hold the “Gold Partner” title offered by United Way. During the 8 years of partnership, we have managed to bring a contribution and create a positive impact in the lives of over 3,500 people by donating over EUR 300,000,” said Daniel Bratu, Vice President Operations Support Genpact Europe, and Călin Avram, Vice President & CFO Genpact Europe.

The sports celebrities present at the event included: Olympic gymnastics champion Andreea Raducan; Olympic fencing champion Laura Badea; George Cosac, Vice President of the Bucharest Dinamo Sports Club and President of the Romanian Tennis Federation; Nicoleta Grasu, multiple medalist at world and European discus throw championships; Alina Dumitru, Olympic judo champion and Olympic rowing champion Camelia Mihalcea. The event took place at the Dinamo Bucharest Sports Club and was presented by Cosmin Cernat, popular TV sports presenter.

"By fulfilling its role of community convener, this Friday, United Way Romania gathered the forces of sixteen non-profit organizations, present with us through the 1,000 children and nearly 100 attendants from dedicated programs. We want to congratulate the children for their interest and willingness to do sport and we wish everyone to be those future champions that our society needs," said Cristina Damian, Executive Director United Way Romania.

Following the event, the children noticed by the trainers at Bucharest Dinamo Sports Club to have special abilities during the event will be encouraged to do performance sports at the club. Being a public sports club, the costs of the children’s training here will be covered by the state.

Other companies that supported the event were Coca-Cola HBC Romania and 3M.

504 kg of apples, 1500 liters of bottled mineral water, 1,197 km sport equipment (998 x 1.2 m the average of participating children), 1996 sports shoes (998 children x 1 pair of sports shoes), 99 kg backpacks, 1996 ping pong paddles, 275 kg t-shirts (1100 t-shirts x 250 g)

About Genpact

Genpact is the largest international provider of services in Romania, for global clients. The company offers support to its clients so that they become more competitive, through smart and innovative solutions, tailored to their needs. Genpact promises to generate impact both by optimizing costs and limiting risks.

Globally, Genpact has more than 68,000 employees and has a history in the market of more than 18 years. In Europe, they are present in 5 countries, having 12 operating centers and a number of over 4,000 employees providing services to more than 50 clients in 20 different languages.

About United Way Romania

United Way Romania supports programs and social initiatives that improve the lives of children, adults and seniors in need. Our work focuses on three directions at the basis of a prosperous community: access to quality education, good health services and an income enough to support a family. United Way Romania works as a community convener, mobilizing an extensive network of community partners - NGOs, companies, public institutions, civil society leaders, donors and volunteers - to coordinate their efforts to produce a collective impact.

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