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United Way and Salesforce Provide Free Access to Philanthropy Cloud as Part of COVID-19 Relief

As the world adjusts to the harsh reality of the COVID-19 pandemic and struggles to respond, we have heard from businesses that they and their employees have the desire and need to help one another and our communities. Indeed, we have witnessed collective engagement from the business community to step up and help their communities.

United Way, together with our partner Salesforce, and as part the Salesforce Care offering for COVID-19 Rapid Response, are offering Philanthropy Cloud for free, through September 30th, for companies that wish to enable their employees to engage with their communities. After this date, companies have the option to continue at their contracted price or discontinue service. This offering is for the U.S. only.

Philanthropy Cloud is a joint offering by Salesforce.org and United Way designed to help companies provide options to employees who wish to help their communities while abiding by their respective isolation measures. It consists of workplace giving, volunteering and reporting and can be rolled out to employees remotely. It enables employees to enroll in virtual and skills-based volunteering opportunities and donate to the causes of their choice. Business leadership, human resources and corporate social responsibility personnel can organize and report on employees’ giving activity.

Companies can provide the following services that benefit their employees:

  • COVID-19 impact funds - Contribute to local or national relief and recovery efforts.
  • Virtual volunteering – Let employees connect with the causes of their choice and find the opportunities to volunteer and contribute remotely.
  • Fundraising - Donate to causes at the local or global level as they address pressing needs.
  • Customized campaigns - Create your own giving and volunteering campaigns that support your strategic nonprofit partners and community.

Despite the difficult circumstances, nonprofits and schools still need resources from volunteers and generous donors to sustain their operations in a time of maximum need.

United Way and its local chapters are actively working with nonprofits and local governments who are trying to end the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to local and virtual volunteering, United Way has set up a COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund. United Way is also providing guidance to companies offering services to help direct efforts to nonprofits and manage them in conjunction with local authorities. We are all in this one together, and only by working together can we truly help our community during this difficult time.

Please complete this form before June 30th to receive information on how you can get started with Philanthropy Cloud.

For further information on United Way’s response and relief efforts, visit unitedway.org/covid19

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