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Fighting for Our Vets and Military Families Today and Every Day

No one who has served America in the military should struggle to get by when they return home. That’s one principle we can all unite around this Veteran’s Day.  And that’s why United Way fights to lift up veteran and military families every day through our efforts on the ground with Mission United and our advocacy to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). 

Stephen Moss of Fort Lauderdale, Florida saw how difficult it was when his hero - his daughter Shannon - returned from deployment injured. He recognized that she and other veterans needed support when returning to the communities they worked to protect.

That’s why Moss started Mission United, which helps returning veterans get jobs and find housing.  It also helps provide emergency financial aid for food, housing, electricity and medical bills as veterans and their families find stable ground.  You can hear his inspiring story by watching our docu-series, The Hero Effect, on OWN. You can also read about it in his guest blog post.

In addition to our work on the ground with initiatives like Mission United, United Way is advocating for public policies that lift up veterans and military families.  Like the EITC, which about 2 million veteran and service members claim. 

The EITC helps workers keep more of what they earn to pay for things like childcare, groceries, and car repairs so they can get to work. Millions of families claim the EITC, pumping money back into local economies.  Yet, under current law, many low-wage workers not raising children at home, including many veterans and service members, are largely excluded from the EITC and are actually taxed into poverty. Learn more.

That’s why we’re asking Congress to protect and strengthen the EITC in tax reform. Proposals to expand the EITC for this group would provide much needed tax relief to 13 million Americans, including more than 600,000 veterans and service members. 

Today and every day, we honor our vets by helping them return to the communities they work to protect. Join us as we fight for those who fought for us. Advocate to #ExpandEITC now and learn about how the passion of one ordinary person has created extraordinary results for veterans by watching The Hero Effect.