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Day of Action - Europe

The employees and volunteers of United Way Poland, Israel, Hungary & Romania took part in the Day of Action !

United Way Israel - Matan (Investing in the Community is the Israeli affiliate of United Way Worlwide)

At Matan, volunteering is something done throughout the year, but they have decided to give special emphasis to two central projects during United Way's Day of Action. 

The first one being a capacity building and leadership program for social organizations in order for them to help lead a change process in civil society. Tens of volunteers from the business sector have participated in this event. In addition, the CEO's of the social organizations was present and discussed about the topic of "Teenage girls at risk in Israeli society".

The other project was an eco-garden which was built especially for children at risk and teenage girls at risk in conjunction with volunteers from The First Bank of Israel (FIBI).


United Way Hungary 

On the 20-21 June, United Way Hungary had a space in Children’s Island, the largest family event in Hungary attracting cca. 10 000 people. Their theme was education, children were given the chance to test some of their 21st century skills, such as creativity, active citizenship, collaboration, innovation, reading and comprehension etc. During this day, the children put their career dreams on our symbol, The Tree of Dreams. United Way Hungary has also collected gently used children’s books and stationery (pens, workbooks, erasers etc.) and donated them to orphanages afterwards.

Moreover, with the support of corporate volunteers each day they hosted a group of socially disadvantaged and/or handicapped children.

United Way Poland

The Generation of the Young in Spirit - The Day of Actions with seniors 
Almost 7000 people participated at the Senior Parade organized in Warsaw for the second time. The fair booth set up by the Seniors offered an opportunity to familiarise oneself with the Foundation's activity programme, receive free swag, sign up for educational projects and free counselling of psychological and legal kind.

Moreover, United Way Poland invited all people to take part in an art happening called “The Generation of the Young in Spirit”. The participants proposed unconventional catch phrases calling for counteracting the social exclusion of the elderly. The phrases appeared on specially crafted paper caps that anyone could then put on and wear on the streets of Warsaw.

United Way Romania

The Good Deeds Tag

United Way Romania organized an online campaign called 'The Good Deeds Tag' which took place a few days prior and after Day of Action, and peaked on the 21st of June. The social media campaign went viral, and over 1100 people have registered their good deeds at http://www.unitedway.ro/leapsa-binelui/. For each good deed registered, United Way Romania will donate an educational kit to a child coming from a low income family, which will keep the children engaged and connected during the summer holidays.