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5 Ways to Recruit Volunteers from Colleges

5 Ways to Recruit Volunteers from Colleges

When you need extra help setting up for a fundraiser or filling volunteer spots in routine programming, where do you turn? If you haven't ventured to the local colleges, you're missing out. College students are ambitious, curious, and dedicated. Here are five ways to recruit volunteers from college campuses.

1. Speak to Hobby Groups
Universities are filled with special interest groups. Whether they're gamers, culinary enthusiasts, or love to read, these hobby groups also enjoy getting their name out in the community. In exchange for volunteer hours, offer to promote the hobby group as a sponsor at your next fundraiser.

2. Attend Job Fairs
A few times each semester larger colleges and universities will host job fairs. Sometimes they're campus-wide, while others are hosted by individual departments. Ask to set up a booth with the idea that volunteerism is a great line on a resume and makes students well-rounded. If possible, attend job fairs in departments specific to your needs. For example, for a reading tutoring program, attend fairs in the English and Journalism departments.

3. Talk to Church Groups
Religion-based groups are always looking for ways to give back to the community. One of the easiest ways to recruit volunteers is speaking at informal church gatherings. Explain your volunteer needs and the benefits of helping out. Be proactive by collecting contact details and following up with potential volunteers within a week.

4. Connect with Instructors
Some college-level courses require students to log a specific number of volunteer hours each semester. Put your organization in the spotlight by connecting with the instructors that include these requirements in their curriculum. Offer to speak to classes at the start of the semester to generate interest. Collect email addresses to stay in touch with the students. These are ways to recruit volunteers both on the student and professional level. Some professors will gladly donate time too!

5. Approach Sororities and Fraternities
Another group of college students looking to do good are the women and men of both social and professional sororities and fraternities. Connect with the school's fraternity and sorority coordinator to set up times to meet with each group about volunteer opportunities.

Need more inspiration for ways to recruit volunteers? Students in New York have joined together to from the Ithaca College Student United Way. The students help with local fund-raising projects and community service projects. Encourage students in your area to become part of the United Way mission by signing up to become a volunteer too!