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5 Team Building Activities for Adults

5 Team Building Activities for Adults

Any group of people who work together toward a common goal can be identified as a team. For kids, the idea of teamwork is directly connected to actual teams: soccer, dodgeball, baseball, etc. Team building activities for adults require a little more creativity. Consider the following list for your next family reunion volunteer event or corporate retreat.

Organize a Fundraiser

Work together on a project outside of yourselves. Because different people have different areas of expertise and experience outside the office, coordinating a fundraiser for United Way gives your group the opportunity to try new things and change the usual hierarchy. An administrative assistant who is familiar with a specific population of need suddenly becomes the COO of the project. The IT personnel are able to show their creative sides. And the patriarch of the family shows a willingness to do menial tasks for the sake of others. In the midst of seeing different sides of people, you are serving the common good of the community.

Perform Community Service

One of the best team building activities for adults is community service. While there are many forms of community service and many venues in which to serve, there is something particularly unifying about manual labor. Help build a house for a lower-income family. Clean up graffiti in a nearby neighborhood. Spend a Saturday giving a local school a makeover by painting classrooms, clearing flowerbeds, and repairing playground equipment. When you and your team see the results of your collaborative effort, you will find satisfaction knowing you accomplished it together.

Do a Ropes Course

If there are trust issues within your company or family, there is no better resolution than a ropes course. Find a certified ropes instructor to take your group through experiences that teach the importance of trust. To amplify the experience, have each member of your group volunteer to take a local teenager with them. Be sure to allow time for everyone to discuss their experiences and encourage those who seemed to overcome the most. Trust is essential to teamwork.

Organize a Mentor Campout

There is a school in your community that needs volunteer readers, mentors, or tutors. Once your group has found a school to adopt, exceed the expectations of your mentees by going on a group campout together. Camping requires teamwork and puts everyone on a more even playing field. Team building activities for adults that provide new experiences for less fortunate youth are the best kind of team building.

Overcome an Obstacle

Whether it's an obstacle course, client expectations, or a family crisis, nothing promotes teamwork better than a challenge. Many families in your community are working to overcome obstacles. Work together as a team to tackle problems such as kids dropping out of school, illiteracy, homelessness, and teen pregnancy. If you can work together to make a company or family successful, you can work together for the common good and make your community a better place to live.