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200 United Way Leaders Advocate for COVID Relief – Virtually!

It’s more important than ever to make our voices heard by policymakers, and to help the most vulnerable during the economic and health crises America is facing.

That’s why 200 United Way leaders from 35 states are meeting – virtually! – with their Members of Congress tomorrow to advocate for investments that will help people and communities who need it most.

Millions of Americans are struggling right now. Millions are still having a hard time making the rent, paying the bills and putting food on the table. We’re especially focused on communities of color, who have been disproportionately affected by the health and economic crisis.

We’re advocating for comprehensive support for nonprofits, individuals, and families in the next COVID-19 relief package. All of United Way’s priorities for Congress can be found here. This week, United Way leaders are particularly lifting up three efforts:

  • Enhancing charities’ ability to help people in need by expanding and making the new $300 nonitemizer charitable deduction permanent;
  • Putting more money into the economy by expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit for working individuals and families
  • Easing the financial strain on state budgets by providing a temporary increase in the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage.

Safety concerns means we can’t meet with Congress in person, as United Way usually does every June. But the stakes are too high to ignore. So we’re galvanizing community leaders and United Ways from across the country. We’re connecting them – by phone or video – from their homes in Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, and other states to the offices of their elected officials in Washington, D.C.

It’s part of what United Way does to fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community.

Please join us! Take action now to send an email to Congress and speak out for those who need it most during the pandemic.

Tell Congress to Pass Coronavirus Relief for Those Most in Need

Congress must continue to support coronavirus relief for individuals and families struggling to make ends meet. Your voice is needed to shore up community supports for those who need it most and enable financial stability at home.

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