United Way Worldwide | Annual Report 2017

Message from Our Leadership

In 2015, we impacted millions of lives across more than 40 countries and territories worldwide.

Brian A. Gallagher

Brian A. Gallagher, President and CEO

John Lechleiter

John Lechleiter, Chairman of the Board

Message from Our Leadership

A young waitress in Milwaukee. A father struggling to make ends meet in Manila. An aspiring student in Mexico City.

Each of these people wants – and deserves – the opportunity to achieve their dreams and support their family. At United Way, more than 125 years of experience teaches us that community-wide solutions offer the best chance of helping them succeed. That's why we are fighting harder than ever to build strong communities that allow everyone to attain their goals.

United Way goes beyond single-issue solutions and temporary fixes. Our global impact strategy focuses on ensuring children get a strong start in school, youth earn the credentials they need to thrive in the job market, and people of all ages have an opportunity to improve their economic status and live a healthy life. By ensuring that everyone has access to these building blocks of life, we strengthen all facets of society – empowering individuals and communities through holistic solutions.

We do it by mobilizing the best resources and forging unlikely partnerships. And we don't rely only on what has worked in the past. We find new solutions tailored to the challenges of our ever-changing world. Our solutions may be similar from one community to another, but they are customized to the needs of each region – ensuring they make a defining impact in homes, schools and workplaces.

The evidence of our work is global and pervasive. In 2015, we impacted millions of lives across more than 40 countries and territories worldwide. In Florida, we led a policy change to provide health insurance to 17,000 immigrant children. We are also proud to report that our ongoing work around the globe led to the rebuilding of nearly 300 classrooms in the Philippines, connected 26,000 young people to jobs in San Francisco and helped more than 100,000 children in Mexico get a better education.

We are a network of local organizations with a global footprint, deploying what works in communities from India to Indiana.

Our fight is joined by partners from every sector of society. We foster relationships and build trust between multinational companies, labor organizations and government agencies to bring all voices and stakeholders to the table. From working with Wells Fargo to offer financial coaching, to partnering with Airbus to support struggling students, we engage our partners and their employees to improve lives around the world.

Within this report, you will find more examples of our results driven by our impact agenda. Most importantly, you will be reminded that for every program, every new initiative and every dollar raised, individual lives have been changed forever. Our society will evolve – and United Way will continue to adapt alongside it – but no matter the time or place, people are being touched because communities are choosing to come together.

That's the power of community building. That's what it means to LIVE UNITED. To all our partners, donors and volunteers, thank you for everything you do. We couldn't do it without you and your dedication to our mission.


Who We Fight For

United Way impacts the lives of nearly 50 million people every year. They are men, women and children you may never meet, and whose names you may never know. Nevertheless, in a world where local and national economies can rise and fall together, the success of every individual and community benefits us all.

Mohammad's Story

Mohammad's Story

Meet Mohammad, his wife Rasha, and their two children, eight-year old Mahmoud and two-year old Saffa. The family came to Ottawa in July of 2015, refugees from the Syrian civil war that has forced millions like them to flee their homeland. They have survived bombings, food shortages, and treacherous river crossings. Now they are finally safe – a testament to the strength of their love for one another, and the compassion of a united community.

With support from United Way Ottawa and partners, Mohammad is working on improving his English and finding a job using his trade skills as a tailor. Most importantly, he and his wife Rasha finally have what all parents wish for: the chance to offer their children a brighter future.

Impact at a Glance

United Way Impacts Nearly 50 Million Lives Around the World Every Year

Childhood Success
100,000children have benefited from improved learning conditions in Mexico since 2009
32,240children participated in literacy and kindergarten readiness programs in Denver in 2015
272childcare centers have been rebuilt in Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina
22,500children enrolled in early education initiative in Shanghai since 2014
1,259scholarships have been provided for children orphaned by 2011 earthquake in Japan
Youth Success
7,963students have received in-school supplemental meals in the Philippines in 2015
26,000youth have been connected to jobs in San Francisco since 2012
86%graduation rate at United Way-supported high schools in Detroit, up from 65% in 2011
56%reduction in teenage pregnancy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 2006
80%of scholarship recipients got jobs after graduation in Baroda, India since 2005
Economic Mobility
25,000homeless people have been permanently housed in Los Angeles since 2011
$10 billionsaved by U.S. taxpayers using United Way's free tax preparation assistance since 2009
14 millioncalls answered by our 2-1-1 agents in 2015, connecting people to housing, employment, and other services
10,000people have been trained for in-demand jobs in Cincinnati since 2008
50,000students have learned how to better manage their savings in Indonesia since 2007
Access to Health
10,000elementary school students have exercised and eaten better in Washington, DC since 2009
19,000people enrolled in health plans in Chicago over the last three years
350,000children reached by child obesity initiative through health care practices in Maine in 2015
20,000people have been treated for drug-resistant tuberculosis in China, India, South Africa, and Russia since 2012
53%decline in the number of children with Level 3 malnourishment in Bengaluru, India over last six years1

1The level of malnutrition is determined by analyzing the body weight, age and gender of the child. Level 3 malnutrition, or severe acute malnutrition, means the child's overall development has been under 60 percent.

About United Way

United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community. We go beyond single-issue solutions and temporary fixes to impact millions of lives every year.

Communities face problems that have persisted for generations. Problems that no single person or organization can solve on their own. That's where we come in.

For almost 130 years, United Way has been the unifying force that brings together community leaders, organized labor, faith-based groups, corporations, nonprofit organizations and governments. Together, we create sweeping change that lifts up entire communities, in your own backyard and around the world.

When you work with United Way, you join a worldwide network dedicated to building a better life and a stronger community. For everyone.

United Way Around the World

Childhood Success

Children deserve a strong start in life. We make that possible by empowering parents to support their kids, improving the quality of their learning environments, and offering solutions to challenges outside the classroom.

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Youth Success

To build a competitive economy, the next generation needs to be equipped for the jobs of tomorrow. We ensure youth have the skills, experience, and education to find a job that will support themselves and their families.

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Economic Mobility

People of all ages should have an opportunity to improve their economic status. We give people the tools to better manage their money, get on more solid financial ground, and find a career with potential for advancement.

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Access to Health

A community is only as healthy as the people who call it home. We expand access to quality, affordable care, give parents the tools they need to raise healthy children, and get everyone moving more and eating better.

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Measure of a Society

When we fight to improve life for people of every color, creed, gender, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, and nation of origin, we lift up entire communities.

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Hurricane Katrina, Ten Years Later

When Hurricane Katrina first hit, we rolled up our sleeves and went to work. Ten years later, the sleeves stay rolled up, the work goes on, and we are more United than ever.

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Building Stronger Communities Together

There is no fight we cannot win, when we fight together.

Now more than ever, business leaders, policymakers, community leaders, nonprofits and individuals are collaborating to affect change on a scale that no single organization can achieve on its own. Together, our network raised more than $4.7 billion last year, and harnessed the power of 9.8 million donors and 2.8 million volunteers, to create lasting change around the world. When you work with United Way, we amplify your voice and make your dollar go further. When we fight as one, we create solutions that benefit us all.

What binds us together is a powerful sense of belonging to each other, to our mission, and to the communities we serve. This is what United Way is all about: the notion that we are greater than the sum of our parts, and that we all reap the rewards of the change we create together.

Our Corporate Partners

United Way works with 70,000 corporate partners worldwide, including more than half the Fortune 500. Together, we affect change on a larger scale than any single organization can accomplish alone.

The following 85 companies are members of our Global Corporate Leadership program.1 Every year, these companies and their employees contribute more than $1 billion and volunteer more than 23 million hours in service of communities around the world.

We extend a special thanks to all of our Global Corporate Leadership partners, whose generous support inspires us to reach for new heights.

1There are a number of criteria for membership in the Global Corporate Leadership, including (but not exclusive to) the following: running a workplace campaign at multiple sites, raising at least $2.5 million per year, and contributing at least 50% of funds raised directly to United Way.

Partner Spotlight: NFL Shield

The NFL and United Way are collaborating on Character PlaybookTM, a digital curriculum that trains students on how to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships during their critical middle school years.

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Partner Spotlight: Labor

Labor unions in the United States are no stranger to the hard work of building stronger communities. We consider them indispensable allies in our fight for a better future.

United Way and labor unions have been working together since 1941 to build stronger communities. We estimate that union members contribute about $250 million to our mission – every year.

Our support from labor unions goes beyond dollars: for decades, their members have helped us directly impact the lives of people throughout the United States. For example, the National Letter Carriers (NALC) annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is the largest one-day food drive in the nation. In 2015, the Drive collected more than 71 million pounds of food, making it the twelfth consecutive year that collections reached over the 70-million-pound mark. Since the drive began in 1993, nearly 1.4 billion pounds of food have been collected.

The Hero Effect

In the spirit of our mission to build stronger communities, The Hero EffectTM docu-series showcases everyday people making extraordinary differences.

The Hero Effect is an uplifting docu-series that features inspiring stories of local heroes, and invites viewers to make a difference in their own communities. The series is co-hosted by Donald Driver, a former Dancing with the Stars winner and Super Bowl champion with the Green Bay Packers, and Emily Wilson, a philanthropist and actress with credits on HBO's The Newsroom and ABC's General Hospital and Castle.

Created by Dolphin Entertainment and presented by United Way, The Hero Effect premieres in 2016.

Our Donors

If you have ever given to United Way – be it a donation of $1 or $1 million – you have helped to create change that will endure, and grow, and lift up people across the globe.

In 2015, more than 9.8 million donors contributed to United Way's mission of building stronger communities. Together, we make up a larger community that transcends borders. We are a community where every member's contribution - great or small - makes a world of difference, and each of us gets to leave our fingerprints on a legacy of change that will endure long after we're gone.

Philanthropic Leaders

United Way recognizes the extraordinary generosity of these philanthropic leaders. With their support, we are improving millions of lives around the world.

Dominic Ng

Dominic Ng

Dominic Ng's support for United Way's work in Los Angeles has improved tens of thousands of lives and strengthened the community for generations to come.

Mr. Dominic Ng is the recipient of the 2015 United Way Tocqueville Award, the highest international honor for an individual volunteer.

Mr. Ng is the chairman and CEO of East West Bank* and has been a member of the corporate board of United Way of Greater Los Angeles for more than a decade. His vision and passion have positively influenced the diversity of services and philanthropic endeavors of United Way.

As the first Asian-American chair of the United Way campaign, Mr. Ng steered United Way of Greater Los Angeles in raising a record $66 million in 2000-2001. He increased the number of Chinese-American donors and encouraged a different approach to building stronger communities by funding smaller, minority-serving agencies. In 2008, he helped create the "quality of life index", a crucial tool for better assessing the challenges that Los Angeles residents face and developing lasting solutions to the challenges.

Under Mr. Ng's leadership, East West Bank has also raised millions of dollars for United Way of Greater Los Angeles' "Creating Pathways Out of Poverty" initiative, which helps individuals and families get on more solid financial ground. Through this initiative, half of the 3,000 adults who completed classes on financial education improved their financial habits within six months and over 44,000 individuals and families filed free tax returns under the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program.

*East West Bank, a California-based bank, was originally founded to serve Chinese-Americans in California and now has branches in more than 130 locations in the U.S. and China.

Al & Barbara Siemer

Al & Barbara Siemer

Al and Barbara Siemer's dedication to helping thousands of families get on more solid financial ground has strengthened communities across the United States.

Today, Al and Barbara Siemer partner with United Ways in 53 communities across 30 U.S. states. Their enduring commitment to United Way's mission, and to families across the nation, is a testament to their humanity and generosity of spirit.

When families are able to stay in their homes, children are more likely to achieve success in school and life. Al and Barbara Siemer have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to helping families stay in their homes, reducing disruptions to the lives and education of children, and empowering families to get on more stable financial ground. For their devotion to this cause, they were awarded the 2012 United Way Tocqueville Award.

In 1984, Barbara and Al became major supporters of United Way of Central Ohio, in their home community of Columbus, Ohio. When Sarasota, Florida became their second home community, they immediately became involved with United Way of Sarasota County as active Tocqueville Society members, and in 1997 established the Siemer Family Foundation. The goal of the Foundation was to go beyond temporary fixes for social challenges and instead offer comprehensive solutions that will stand the test of time. It's a goal that makes them a perfect fit for United Way.

Over the years, the Siemers became $10 Million Roundtable Members, a distinction they have earned by donating more than $10 million to United Way's mission. And yet the real measure of Al and Barbara's contribution is in the thousands of people whose lives they have changed for the better. In 2011, they founded the Siemer Institute for Family Stability (SIFS); since that time, the Institute and its partners have served 29,000 families and 58,000 children. In just the last year, 96% of families served by Siemer partners were able to avoid disruptive school moves - stabilizing more than ten thousand children in their schools and giving them better opportunities to succeed.

Shin Won Choi

Shin Won Choi

Dubbed a 'Hero of Philanthropy' by Forbes Asia, Shin Won Choi is a passionate supporter of United Way's mission to build stronger communities.

Shin Won Choi knows what it takes to build stronger communities. He saw it firsthand as a child, when his grandfather shared water with neighboring farmers during a drought, and his mother set aside rice to quietly distribute to low-income families.

The poignant lessons in philanthropy that Mr. Choi learned as a child instilled a sense of civic duty in him as an adult. In 2009, Forbes Asia recognized him as a "Hero of Philanthropy." Today, he serves as the Chairman and CEO of SK Networks, as well as a member of United Way Worldwide's Leadership Council. His support for the Community Chest of Korea (United Way in Korea) has fueled crucial initiatives to alleviate poverty, expand access to health services, and help integrate low-income individuals and families into Korean society.

Mr. Choi is passionate about the plight of migrants and refugees. Over the years, his contributions have helped more than 20,000 individuals – most of them migrants from other countries – address issues ranging from food insecurity to medical needs and emotional isolation. He has also supported efforts to help youth who have defected from North Korea's repressive regime acclimate to their new lives in South Korea. And last but certainly not least, he joined with his fellow United Way Worldwide Leadership Council colleague Michael Hayde to create a fund designed to address the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe.

When Mr. Choi first became a philanthropist, he chose to give anonymously, as he had no interest in seeking the limelight for himself. When he realized just how low the rate of individual giving was in South Korea, he decided to step up and become a much-needed role model to inspire others. In that sense, Mr. Choi's contribution to United Way's mission goes way beyond his own individual giving. As Chairman of the National Honor Society, for example, he helped expand membership from 200 donors to more than 1,250. By inspiring others to give, Mr. Choi has created a legacy of change that honors his grandfather and mother.

Michael K. Hayde & Laura Khouri

Michael K. Hayde & Laura Khouri

Michael and Laura give of themselves to improve the lives of others. Their contribution to our mission has been indispensable to building stronger communities.

Michael K. Hayde, CEO and Chairman of Western National Group, a full service apartment company, and his wife Laura Khouri, President of the property management division, understand that lasting change in communities is only possible when we first build a strong foundation for success. That’s why they have invested in our organization’s global infrastructure – investments that will fuel our mission to improve lives and build stronger communities, for many years to come.

Michael and Laura have underwritten United Way’s presence in Europe, supporting a regional presence as well as providing specific investment in France, Germany and Spain. Their crucial support has boosted the Airbus Flying Challenge, a mentoring initiative led by United Way and Airbus Foundation that serves middle school students in Kansas, Alabama, Spain and France. So far, more than 1,700 students have benefited.

The couple has adopted 15 schools in Mike’s hometown of Compton, a struggling inner-city neighborhood of Los Angeles. As a result, thousands of children from low-wage families can now enjoy 6,500 new books and new, welcoming reading spaces. They’ve also invested in new books and reading programs for schools in Orange County, Canada and the United Kingdom. And they’ve supported a partnership between United Way and the California Apartment Association that seeks to cut in half the number of California children who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

This spirit of global community-building is a passion for them. That’s why United Way honored Michael in 2013 with the prestigious Alexis de Tocqueville Award, our highest distinction for philanthropic giving. They have earned special recognition in their role as members of United Way’s $10 Million Roundtable, for their tireless efforts to connect other donors with our mission and for the very tangible impact their contributions have made on thousands of people’s lives.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are the bricks and mortar that hold strong communities together. Your passion and perseverance inspire us do better, go further, and reach higher.

Adriana's Story

Adriana's Story

Adriana Lopez was born and raised in Mexico but immigrated to Utah in search of opportunities for her and her family. Once here, she quickly realized that in order to reach her full potential, she needed to learn English and acquire skills necessary for employment. After she advanced through adult education classes at Guadalupe Community School, she decided to stay at the school - not as a student but to give back as a volunteer. Now, she works to help families, many of which are like hers, to ensure they have access to the valuable resources they need in order to be successful.

U.S.A. Board of Trustees

Chair of the Board

James Bullard
President and CEO
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri


Patricia Hatler
EVP, Chief Legal & Governance Officer
Nationwide Insurance Company
Columbus, Ohio


Jon Campbell
Executive Vice President, Director of Government and Community Relations
Wells Fargo and Company
Wayzata, Minnesota


Nnamdi Asomugha
The Asomugha Foundation
Torrance, California

Marc Bluestein
Founder and President
Aquarius Sports Entertainment
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Molly Corbett Broad
American Council on Education
Washington, DC

Anthony Carter
Retired Vice President, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Chief Diversity Officer
Johnson & Johnson
New Brunswick, New Jersey

Jose Cecin
President and Chief Operating Officer
NerVve Technologies, Inc.
Reston, Virginia

Mary Ellen Garrett
Wealth Management Advisor - The Garrett Group
Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management
Atlanta, Georgia

Cynthia Figueroa
President and Chief Executive Officer
Congreso de Latinos Unidos, Inc.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tefere Gebre
Executive Vice President
Washington, DC

Cynthia Gibson
EVP, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Scripts Network Interactive
Knoxville, Tennessee

Donn Grimm
Principal Vice President
Bechtel Infrastructure
Frederick, Maryland

David Preschlack
Executive Vice President, Affiliate Sales and Marketing
Disney and ESPN Media Networks Group
Bristol, Connecticut

Mary Cathryn Ricker
Executive Vice President
American Federation of Teachers
Washington, DC

William Rodgers, III
Professor of Public Policy and Chief Economist
Heldrich Center for Workforce Development
New Brunswick, New Jersey

Fredric Rolando
National Association of Letter Carriers
Washington, DC

Juana Slade
Director, Diversity and Language Services
AnMed Health
Anderson, South Carolina


William H. Gates, Sr.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Seattle, Washington

Worldwide Board of Trustees

Chair of the Board

John Lechleiter
Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer
Eli Lilly and Company
Indianapolis, Indiana


Peggy Conlon
Retired President and Chief Executive Officer
The Advertising Council, Inc.
New York, New York


Phillip N. Baldwin
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Citizens Bank
Batesville, Arkansas


Rodney E. Slater, Esq.
Squire Patton Boggs
Washington, DC


Karen Glover
Retired Global Integration Partner
K&L Gates
Seattle, Washington


Dr. Juliette Tuakli
CEO/Chief Medical Officer
Accra, Ghana


Punit Renjen
Chief Executive Officer
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
New York, New York


Jorge Uribe
Retired Global Productivity & Organization Transformation Officer
Procter & Gamble
Panama City, Panama


John J. Dooner, Jr.
The Dooner Group
New York, New York


James Bullard
President and CEO
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri

Jean-Claude Gruffat
Managing Director
Galileo Global Advisors
New York, New York

Chul-Hee Kang
Professor of School of Social Welfare & Dir. of Center for Social Welfare Research
Yonsei University
Seoul, Korea

Richard Trumka
Washington, DC

Wayne Wouters
Strategic and Policy Advisor
McCarthy Tétrault
Toronto, Canada

Bing Xiang
Dean and Professor of Accounting
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Beijing, China

Financial Highlights

United Way Worldwide and Subsidiaries Consolidated Statements of Financial Position

As of December 31, 2015 (In USD Thousands)

  2015 2014
 Current assets 17,141 27,021
 Noncurrent assets 67,273 49,158
 Total assets 84,414 76,179
Liabilities and net assets
 Current liabilities 17,650 23,407
 Noncurrent liabilities 19,949 14,048
 Total liabilities 37,599 37,455
Net assets
 Unrestricted 22,252 23,360
 Unrestricted-Board designated 8,484 926
 Temporarily restricted 12,283 10,747
 Permanantly restricted 3,795 3,791
Total net assets 46,815 38,724
Total liabilities and net assets 84,414 76,179
 Membership Support, net 28,484 28,648
 Contributions 63,510 53,599
 Other revenue 7,005 6,274
 Total revenue 98,999 88,521
Program expenses:
 Investor Relations 6,133 4,715
 International Donor Advised Giving 36,147 33,312
 International Network 5,008 4,885
 U.S. Network 9,393 8,925
 Impact, Strategy and Innovation 10,702 9,170
 Learning, Conferencing and Talent Management 4,757 4,773
 Public Policy 1,721 1,002
 Brand Strategy and Marketing 7,164 5,376
 Campaign and Public Relations 316 1,249
 Promotional Material Sales 636 658
Total program expenses 81,977 73,063
Support services:
 General and Administrative 4,367 4,525
 Fundraising 3,265 2,641
Total support services 7,632 7,166
Total operating expenses 89,609 80,229
Change in net assets from operations 9,390 8,292
Non-operating adjustments to net assets (1,299) (6,413)
Change in net assets from operations 8,091 1,879
Net assets beginning of the year 38,724 36,845
Net assets end of the year 46,815 38,724