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Shin Won Choi

Member United Way Worldwide Leadership Council
Chairman & CEO SK Networks
Seoul, Korea

Shin Won Choi, the son of the founder of the SK, serves as the Chairman and CEO of the SK networks, engaged in the distribution of energy, trade, information & communication, rental businesses, home appliances, etc. within its overseas branches. From 2000 to early 2016, he took office as the Chairman of SKC, one of the major global companies in film and chemistry industries.

Mr. Choi is the 1st Asian member who joined the United Way Worldwide Leadership Council in 2012. He was among 48 leading givers compiled by Forbes Asia as ‘Heroes of Philanthropy’ in 2009. He served as the 5th Chairman of Gyeonggi Community Chest of Korea in 2011, spreading the ‘sharing and donation’ spirit widely in the region. He also leads the major donor society in Korea known as the ‘Honor Society’. In 2016, Mr. Choi was inducted into the Honorary Ambassador of ‘Orden de la Prosperidad’, which is the Fondo Unido’s Major Giving Society of Mexico. In 2017, he is appointed as a board member of Community Chest of Korea.

He has been very passionate in resolving various social problems, especially migration issues. He has been supporting families with multicultural backgrounds and North Korean refugees to settle down in Korean society. In addition, Mr. Choi has been emphasizing the importance of equal educational opportunities of teenagers in Korea. Following the will of his father and the founder of SK, the late Jong Kun Choi, Shin Won Choi donated his private funds in establishing ‘Sunkyoung Choi Jong Kun Foundation’ to support students who have financial difficulties, ultimately aiming to build a better and stronger community.

In addition, Mr. Choi has been appointed as the Honorary Consul of Brazil in appreciation of his passion for establishing a harmonious relationship between the Republic of Korea and Brazil, as part of his role in leading the Korea Brazil Society (KOBRAS). In 2015, he received the Order of Rio Branco from the government of Brazil for his role in advancing business ties and cultural exchange between the two countries. Furthermore, he served as the Chairman of the Suwon Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Korea. In 2015, he was assigned to the 12th Chairman of Gyeonggi Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry as well as Vice Chairman of Korea Chambers of Commerce & Industry. In early 2018, he also has been appointed to the 33th President of Korean Fencing Federation