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Michael K. Hayde

Member United Way Worldwide Leadership Council
Chief Executive Officer Western National Group
Irvine, California

Michael K. Hayde was born and raised in Compton, California. He has enjoyed and benefited from living in Southern California his entire life. In his formative years his family instilled in him traditional Irish Catholic values. He has had mentors all his life and learned at an early age the benefit of learning from those who had more experience and who were willing to help him. Mike has been blessed to be with the Western National Group, a 58 year old apartment company headquartered in Orange County, for the last 44 years. Since 1994 he has served as its Chief Executive Officer. 

Along with Orange County Sherriff, Brad Gates, he founded Drug Use is Life Abuse, a nationally recognized non-profit teaching youth in Orange County about the issues of drug abuse. He has been active in fundraising for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Sisters of the Sacred Heart, Boy Scouts of Orange County, City of Hope, University of California Irvine Medical Center, and Chapman University. Mike is a member of the United Way Ten Million Dollar Roundtable, the Founding Chairman of the Board of United Way Tocqueville in Paris, France in addition to being the 2013 United Way Tocqueville Award Honoree.