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J. Lindsay Johnston

Member Women United Global Leadership Council
Principal JLJ Consulting Group
Philadelphia, PA

Ms. Johnston has been a business leader and active community volunteer during her thirty year career. She has broad-based and diverse experience in both Human Resources, Employment law and Not for Profit management.  She has demonstrated successes in leading business teams through major organizational restructurings, including both growth initiatives and reductions in force as well as culture change.  She is an operationally strong and persuasive thought leader who drives positive change and inspires others to achieve excellence. She is a builder of organizations, programs.

 Most recently she was brought into the Society of Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), a trade association focused on technical training and standards development for the cable industry, to increase membership and introduce project management discipline to scale the existing organization.  As General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Operations, she had a wide range of responsibility including legal, human resources, information technology, learning and development, facilities management, customer service, project management, chapters, membership, Board of Directors facilitation, strategic planning.  During her three year tenure membership increased from 14,000 to 28,000. Among other key contributions were improvements in project management that increased technical training volume, quality, and revenue, outsourced and reduced facilities costs, developed improved opportunities for diversity and inclusion for the industry, enhanced the SCTE-Tuck Executive Education Program and introduced new membership models for SCTE’s corporate alliance program for both operators and technical partners and a realignment of the individual membership model. She also led the re-staffing of the majority of the senior leadership team, introduced business metrics that were used for an all staff incentive pay program, including a net promoter score survey (customer satisfaction survey).  SCTE’s NPS scores are among the highest recorded for national associations. She was also recognized for three years as one of the top 100 most powerful Women in Cable.