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Dr. Juliette Tuakli

Chair, Governance Committee Worldwide Board of Trustees
Member United Way Worldwide Leadership Council
CEO/Chief Medical Officer CHILDAccra
Accra, Ghana

Dr. Tuakli is CEO of CHILDAccra; which provides Pediatric and Public Health services in West Africa. CHILDAccra is located in Accra, Ghana where Dr. Tuakli has a specialist pediatric medical practice. She created an innovative Postgraduate program (Child Rights and Health in Africa) that is now used throughout Africa. Her earlier research/service work in the U.S., with underprivileged urban children, led to the creation of a Department Community Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Boston. 

Dr. Tuakli was a Regional Medical Consultant (NE) for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and more recently Deputy Director of Family Health International’s START program in Ghana. She has been critically involved the implementation of Ghana’s successful national HIV/AIDS programs. Dr. Tuakli was also a World Health Organization (WHO) advisor in tropical disease knowledge management in Africa; particularly diseases of poverty.

Dr. Tuakli is the Vice Chairperson of the AU's Diaspora African Forum and was Chair of WISE (a national empowerment program for women) in Ghana. Dr. Tuakli co-produced the Istanbul Declaration for the African Union designed to ensure women and children’s rights and health needs are recognized in African Union program and policy development.