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Brian A. Gallagher

President and Chief Executive Officer

Brian A. Gallagher is President and Chief Executive Officer of United Way Worldwide, the world’s largest privately-funded nonprofit.

Gallagher is a regular contributor to a number of high-profile global discussions, including the World Economic Forum (WEF). He frequently speaks about critical issues ranging from sustainable growth in emerging economies to the ability of public/private partnerships to drive innovation and create long-term human success.

Under Gallagher’s leadership, United Way has shifted the focus of its mission to driving community change. This approach, which brings people together to create more opportunities for all, has been adopted in more than 40 countries and territories worldwide. He has also elevated brand stewardship to the highest priority. In 2008, United Way launched the LIVE UNITED campaign to engage communities in a more inclusive strategic effort. LIVE UNITED is an invitation to give, to advocate, to volunteer – an opportunity for all people to think of themselves as part of the solution.

Gallagher came to United Way in 1981 as a management trainee, and has held positions in several communities throughout the U.S., including president of United Way of Central Ohio in Columbus. In 2002, he took on the role of president and CEO of United Way of America, quickly establishing new membership standards that required internal consistency and public transparency in financial reporting. His next priority was to take United Way beyond fundraising and transform the organization into a driver of long-term community impact.

United Way has become a leader in improving lives and communities around the world. In 2009, under Gallagher’s leadership, United Way of America and United Way International merged to create United Way Worldwide. Today, United Way is engaged in nearly 1,800 communities around the world to create sustainable solutions to the challenges facing our communities, focusing on education, financial stability, and health. Supported by nearly 3 million volunteers, 9 million donors worldwide, and $4.7 billion raised every year, United Way is engaging millions of people to change their communities, whether it’s through donating, volunteering or speaking out.

Gallagher leads WEF’s Global Civil Society Advisory Board, is a steering committee member of the WEF’s “Promoting Global Financial Inclusion” initiative, and is also a founding member of WEF’s NGO Advisory Committee and the Global Gender Parity Group. He served as a member of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, is former Chair of the Independent Sector, and currently serves on the Board of America’s Promise Alliance, Ball State University Foundation, and Leadership 18. He also serves on Ball State’s Board of Trustees.

He is the father of two daughters, Katie and Maggie, and lives with his wife, Ramona, in Chevy Chase, Maryland.



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