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NFL players from around the League are winning where it matters most — in the classroom. Their goal is to recruit 99,000 volunteer readers, tutors and mentors. Their game plan is YOU. Help them pull off the ultimate play. Enter the draft today.



Thanks to a new partnership between United Way and In2Books, YOU can help young people become better readers. In2Books is an award-winning eMentoring program that connects 3rd to 6th grade students across the U.S. with caring adult "eMentors." It's a great way for busy people to make an impact in the community.

How it Works:

Over the course of the school year, volunteer eMentors read five student-selected books and discuss the texts with the student mentee via guided online letters. The adult-student pen pal relationship provides essential support for the development of student's reading, writing and critical thinking skills. This evidence-based program is designed to meet Common Core State Standards and is proven to increase literacy rates and test scores in schools nationwide.

How to Get Involved:

Register - Use the Code "United Way Worldwide"