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NFL players from around the League are winning where it matters most — in the classroom. Their goal is to recruit 99,000 volunteer readers, tutors and mentors. Their game plan is YOU. Help them pull off the ultimate play. Enter the draft today.



At this week’s NFL Draft, millions of people will watch hundreds of hopefuls advance from college students to professional athletes in a matter of a few life-changing minutes. But for the millions of American students each year who don’t quite “make the cut,” United Way has stepped in to ensure their success as well.   

Introducing United Way TEAM NFL: a program stemming from the organizations’ 40-year partnership that is committed to cutting America’s dropout rate in half by 2018. Together, a dedicated “team” of NFL players, college student interns, and UW staffers across the country have been working for over a year to recruit 99 thousand volunteer readers, tutors, and mentors for students.

And what better place to recruit than the NFL Draft?

Using the notable event as a platform to spread the TEAM NFL mission and raise awareness for the program’s second year, members of the squad are hoping to generate more buzz than at last year’s kickoff event – the United Way Youth Empowerment Summit in Washington DC. With one year of hard work under their belt, the group’s leaders and participants feel more empowered, knowledgeable, and more eager than ever to start TEAM NFL 2013 off with a strategic game plan.

 “Last year, I got to meet people who actually put in work in needy communities and I learned others care just as much as I do, including other NFL players,” Cincinnati Bengals’ player and second-year TEAM NFL member Vinny Rey said.  “TEAM NFL gave me a push to get further involved in Cincinnati. This year, I'm excited to see these guys again and tell them all the cool stuff I've been doing in my community. Hopefully, we’ll inspire others to do more with this unique opportunity we’ve been given.”

This passion from players is exactly the impetus TEAM NFL leaders are hoping will drive the program into the minds and hearts of millions, starting with this week’s draft. Aside from “drafting” volunteers through various social media and awareness-raising efforts, this weekend will serve as a working session for the team’s unique and diverse roster of players, students, and UW reps all working together towards the same goal – improving education in America.  

So as you tune in to see some of America’s most talented students head to some of America’s top teams, consider also joining this team on its mission to win.

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