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To kick off the Campaign for the Common Good, and celebrate the teachers who rock, we're inviting people of all ages to share a story about a teacher who changed their life.

To read about teachers who have made a difference for someone in your area, click the icons on the map below. Below the map, you can also browse all the stories.

She the Best as She Can Be

my teacher chanes my life because she told me that i can do any thing i can if i put my heart in it. and i did my learning how to do my home work faster and better to past my class. Read More »

The Birds and the Bees

Ms. Iavelli bothered to take the time to explain the birds and the bees to me since my parents were to embarased to do so. Read More »

Who Would have Imagined?

I was born, and did my schooling in Malawi, Africa. Two teachers in particular inspired me, one was part of the American Peace Corps, and another was part of the British Voluntary Service Oragnisation (VSO). What they perhaps did not realise is that they allowed me to visualise a world beyond my wildest dreams, a world where the freedom of speech Read More »

Mrs. Maythumb - What a Gem!

Mrs. Maythumb was my 2nd grade teacher. She made learning really fun! Read More »

Last Freedom

M, as we call him, came to my life in 2001 while he was visiting Dubai. He questioned us, "We are we seeking" and summariesed it to be "in search of Happiness".

The dialogue changed my life. His gentle coaxing to find reason of our living, made me dig deeper. Today, when I come across your advertisement, I couldn't help but write about him.

M Read More »

Casting a Ray of Light on the Outcasts

Our school is considered to be one of the best public high schools in my hometown Banjarmasin, South Borneo. But that was not the case with my homeroom class. We were a bunch of kids whom most of the teachers found "challenging" to say the least. It was the class of naughty, weird, and not-so-bright kids. To make it short, it was the homeroom of Read More »

Josh Kestell

Josh Kestell was my 10th history teacher at Sheboygan South High School in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. During the year, he worked with me to pass the class when I needed help.

He inspired me to go above and beyond when most students did not. With his help, I am doing better and going above and beyond to help anyone and get the job done. Read More »

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